Why We Fantasize About Casual Sex

Everyone has erotic fantasies. We all do it and we all fantasize about casual sex. Not only do we all do it, but we all do it a lot. It is a normal and healthy expression of human sexuality. There are a few reasons why this happens and how it helps humans operate. Understanding how and why you fantasize about what you do can help you feel more comfortable.

Casual Sex Can Be Taboo

Sexual fantasies are a way for us to explore taboo territory that we normally never would. You let your mind explore situations and possibilities that do not occur in your normal life and relationship. Things that are generally considered perverse, weird, or unusual are readily at our fingertips. We are free to do and say the kinkiest stuff we can imagine. According to research, it is a normal part of human development. While everyone fantasizes, hardly anyone talks about it. Fantasies are not supposed to be PC. The fantasies most people have that they believe to be perverted are usually quite normal. Bondage, submission, and voyeurism, are normal sexual fantasies and it doesn’t mean anything.

Casual Sex As A Coping Mechanism

Fantasies can help turn a negative situation into something we can more easily deal with. It is a way to confront risky situation but still stay safe. If something bad has happened in your past or you have always had a particular fear, fantasizing and daydreaming about similar situation can help id in anxiety and stress relief. People can fantasize about abuse without it meaning they have been abused or want to be abused. It is a way for the brain to cope with fears, both real and imagined.

Casual Sex Is A Creative Outlet

Fantasizing about casual sex is a way for our brains to play out different situations and try out a variety of theories in the comfort of our own mind. We think about threesomes, one-night-stands [ People share their best one-night stand stores ], and illicit deeds we aren’t sure we have the internal fortitude to actually attempt. It is a workspace, in essence, for our most sexy and passionate desires. There have been recent studies that show how casual sex can be psychologically beneficial to those with liberal sex views. Exploring casual sex in our fantasies has the same effect.

In Theory but not in Practice

There are a lot of things that sound good in theory, but when put into practice things just don’t work out like we’d hoped. Sexual situations included. Threesomes can sound so hot. It can even be a recurring fantasy during masturbation. This could actually be the thing that turns you on the most, even if you tried it in real life and it was horrible. Even if you never plan to do it again. Sexual fantasies about casual sex are a good way to live out the hot sexual desires you have that just don’t work out practice.

Resolving Conflict in a Safe Zone

We are often told that our brain is our largest sexual organ. It is our mind that tells us what turns us on and arouses our feelings of passion and desire. When we have a conflict in our personal feeling toward a person or situation, there I no better way to work through it than in the safe space of your own thoughts. You may come to the conclusion that you are not as attracted to someone as you originally thought you were.

Casual Sex Is Preparation for the Real Deal

Another fantastic use of casual sex fantasy is that they prepare you for the future relationships you will experience. Studies show most people get married roughly ten years after leaving high school. During that interim, they are free gents with an access to sex without long term commitment. Each sexual situation and romantic relationship or interaction is a learning experience for the future. These free agent experiences are a relationship and sexual teaching tool that prepare you for what’s ahead in life.

We fantasize about casual sex because it is a normal, healthy thing to do. We fantasize about casual sex because it is part of the human experience and we learn from it. Embrace your fantasies and don’t be afraid to explore beyond your comfort zone.