The Bad Boy or The Nice Guy – Who Really Hooks-up More?

The debate that has raged on forever: do bad boys get more hookups than good guys? The answer is simpler than you think. The scenario can go both ways. Women like bad boys, some people say. The rebels without causes. They scoff at societal norms or maybe just spit on the sidewalk, but whatever it is that she deems bad about him is a turn on. It is true that some women are attracted to bad boys. Some women, however, simply can’t turn down a nice guy. They buy you vitamins when you get the sniffles. He drives a sensible car and gets his hair cut at Walmart. Those little things warm a girl’s heart. The truth is, it isn’t that bad guys hookup more than good guys. The reality is there are only a few things bad boys do that good guys don’t that really gets the win. Once you master those points, you’ll be the one hooking up. –> Do girls like the good boy or the bad boy?

Making the Move Leads To More Casual Sex

One thing nice guys have trouble doing is making the initial move. They perceive bad boys as getting all the girls, but what really is happening is the bad boy types aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. While the nice guy is sitting at the bar planning his opening line, the bad boy saunters over and buys her a drink. Sure, he might get turned down, but he might not, and he’s not sitting around wondering about it. Click Here to see the signs you are dating a bad boy.

Be Nice to You Too

Nice guys often forget to be nice to themselves. Self-care is a vital but overlooked part of hooking up. The bad boy look is a cultivated thing. The style is perfected. Think James Dean, Elvis, and Johnny Cash. Those swaggering, confident fellas with their smoldering gazes and perfectly thrown together attire. They may look haphazard and thrown together, but the truth is they spend hours on their appearance. It is the good guys that jump out of the shower and head out the door with a short ten minuets spent spiffing up. Put some effort into your appearance outside the dating world and you’ll reap the same rewards. See The Signs You Are Dating A Good Boy

Desperation Isn’t Sexy

Bad boys just don’t seem to care whether she says yes or no. Whatever happens, their toes are still tapping. Good guys tend to wear their feelings on their shoulder. They want their girls to know how much they would enjoy their time together and what it would mean to them. This move is ok deep into the relationship, but not as an opening line. Keeping an aloof, almost bored facade is vital. Desperation is not only a turn off, it makes everyone uncomfortable.

Nice Does Not Equal Boring

Being a nice guy doesn’t have to mean being a boring lump. Nice guys do exciting stuff too. Take her for a riverboat cruise, go skydiving, or check out an outdoor festival. Just because you wear sensible shoes doesn’t mean you can only trek in the safety zones. Burst out of the comfort zone you tend to stay in and do something you normally wouldn’t.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stick to Your Guns

Being a nice guy doesn’t mean you’re a push over but being a bad guy doesn’t mean you have no boundaries. Attractiveness has a lot to do with confidence and respect for yourself. Cultivating a more bad boy persona does not include breaking your own moral code. You know what is right for you. No one else does. Always being true to your authentic self is an attractive trait. Women view this as strength and gravitate towards it naturally.

Bad boys and good guys basically get the same amount of hookups. While it seems that women like bad boys, what they really like is confidence and excitement. Nice guys already have these traits. They are just underutilized. Absolutely anyone can upgrade their hookup skills by employing a few of these little-known tricks of the bad boy trade. Practice making your move with confidence, not coming off as desperate, adding a bit of excitement to your repertoire, and believing in yourself. You can be the good guy you are with all the bad boy moves to make it happen.