What Are Blue Balls?

Although most women do not believe it, blue balls, or epididymal hypertension, are real and really painful. They won’t kill you, nor will your balls actually turn blue, but it is seriously painful all the same. Not everyone is susceptible to it, but some men can suffer from this ailment resultant of a prolonged state of sexual stimulation. An erection is formed by blood rushing into the penis when a man gets turned-on. The testicles also fill with blood and the effect is a swelling in the area. When he ejaculates the swelling dissipates. When he doesn’t, pressure builds up and the testicles become extremely sensitive. The pain can be as excruciating as a kick in the balls or as mild as a bothersome ache.

How to Get Rid of Blue Balls

Blue balls are not permanent and there is no lasting damage. No matter how bad it feels. There are a number of ways to get rid of the condition.

• A cold compress – the cold restricts the blood vessels and encourages blood to slowly leave the penis and testicles
• Wait it out – if the pain isn’t that bad, just tough it out. You’re a big boy.
• Cardiovascular exercise – jumping jacks or a brisk jog will draw the blood out of the penis – if you can move.
• Have sex – masturbate or get your partner to finish the job.

How Long Will Blue Balls Hurt?

The pain will stop shortly after ejaculation. If that isn’t going to happen, the throbbing ache can last from 10 to 30 minutes. Sometimes, in rare cases, it lasts a few hours. If the pain lasts after ejaculation or becomes severe, you should seek medical attention immediately. [ 6 Cures For Blue Balls ]

Why Do We Call it Blue Balls?

Some medical evidence shows a lengthy erection is able to cause some of the oxygen in the blood to be absorbed by the tissue in your testicles. This leaves the blood with a blue-ish tint, say urologists. Although most say this usually only occurs when there is some sort of blockage. Drugs for erectile dysfunction or blood flow constricting toys such as a penis ring can also cause this. It isn’t likely to occur naturally, however. So, your balls probably won’t really turn blue — you’ll probably just feel some mild discomfort, unless you’ve been using Cialis or a new sex toy.

What if my Balls Hurt When I Haven’t Been Aroused?

Experiencing pain and discomfort in your balls only when you’re turned on is most likely a result of epididymal hypertension. However, regularly experiencing pain and throbbing when not sexually aroused may be an indication of another problem. These could include:

• Kidney stones
• Epididymitis – an inflammation of the testicles
• Orchitis – infection of the testicles accompanied by inflammation
• Diabetic neuropathy in the crotch area
• Mumps
• Testicular cancer
• Testicular torsion – caused by rapid twisting of the testicles and causes pain and swelling, often requiring emergency surgery

Such pain could also be caused by tight pants or underwear.

When Should I See a Doctor About Blue Balls?

Stereo-typically, you won’t need to see a doctor about blue balls unless it’s causing intense pain on a regular basis or hampering sexual performance. Talk to your primary care doctor, a urologist, or a sex therapist, if so. If you are experiencing immense testicular pain that doesn’t go away and is not associated with any sexual activity, seek medical attention. You will need to rule out other conditions that could be the cause of your pain. Seeing a doctor is also advised if you’ve experienced the following symptoms in addition to pain:

• A dull throbbing in your crotch
• A lump or enlargement in the testicles
• Pain in the lower back

Symptoms like these may be a sign of more serious problems, such as testicular cancer.

In short, blue balls won’t kill you and most often is not a sign of anything other than a night cut short. It may help to make sure you are going to get the job finished before you start getting all excited. Keep your cool until you know it’s a done deal or be prepared to finish yourself off. Never pressure a woman or make her feel like its her fault you have blue balls. Your balls are your own responsibility.