Tinder Opening Messages Women Hate

I know you don’t want to believe it is true. You want to believe it is some kind of urban myth. Like the no socks and sandals thing. Sadly, no. This is serious. There are certain tried and true Tinder opening messages you use every day that women hate. In fact, they despise them. They see them coming before they even open the message and know they are about to be fully disgusted. A few of these messages just rub women the wrong way. Some are just obvious mistakes and you should know better. Take a few minutes to which Tinder opening messages women hate and watch how fast your response rate goes up.

The Stock Message

Of all the Tinder opening messages in the world, this one is definitely the most obvious. A stock message that you copy and paste to everyone is very telling. When your message just says Hey Sally! I’m Frank. Nice to meet you. I enjoy sunsets and walks on the beach. She already knows that you have sent that to 50 other girls. She knows you didn’t take 30 seconds to look at her profile past the pic. She knows all this, and it pisses her off.

Blatant Compliment Message

Are you the guy that sends God you are so hot as your Tinder opening message? If so, know that she already puts you in the “asshole” file before she responds, if she responds at all. She already knows she is beautiful. She even knows that you think she is beautiful already. There is no need to tell her. Instead, open with a comment on her style, job, or education. Let her know you took the time to read up on her likes and dislikes. It is a huge turn on.

One Word Messages

Woman absolutely hate one-word messages. Hey or whatsup are really bad Tinder opening messages. It makes women feel like you expect them to do everything. Women like to be courted and Tinder messages are not any different. Make an effort to woo her. Talk about her favorite things and make a connection on an intellectual level. When she sees you make a real effort to get her attention, it goes a long way. Those are the Tinder opening messages that she wants to answer.

The Porn Message

One opening message that will always get a snarl of disgust is the openly sexual message. Graphic depictions of what you want to do to her are not great for the first opening message. Don’t crude. It will get you nowhere fast. She feels uncomfortable and you look like a pervert. The only good time to send a message like that is if she asks for it. When she asks you to send her a dirty message, she wants it. She is in the mood for it. She feels sexy and wants to share it with you.

Oversharing Messages are Cringe-Worthy

If you think the one-word messages are bad for Tinder opening lines, try an oversharing message. Come out of the gate with one of these babies and you’ll be glad to even get a cordial No, thank you. Talking about your previous Tinder experiences, past relationships or your health problems are just too much. No one wants to hear that.

Emoji Messages

No one, absolutely no one, wants an emoji filled message on a dating app. Great article –>The best and worst emojis to use on a dating app. – You may think it is a time-saver but in reality, it is childish. It isn’t cute. She isn’t impressed. In fact, she may not even respond to your emoji message. It is fine to use one or two in a message. But to cover up your message with them. Or try to use them solely is a big mistake. Save the emojis for emphasis and jokes. Don’t use them in your Tinder opening message.

Most people know not to be pornographic in the first message you send. You usually don’t have to tell someone not to talk about their exgirl friend in their Tinder opening message but sometimes you get a dope. Tinder opening messages just aren’t that hard. Keep it clean. Be friendly, not dirty. Use your head. Keep these most-hated Tinder opening messages out of your repertoire and you will instantly see a rise in your responses.