#6 Intro emails that succeed: Examples of what to say

In the casual sex dating world the guy almost always makes the first contact. Women are rare on adult dating sites and thus they are often bombarded with messages. They receive so many notices on a daily basis they have no need to browse the listings. This merely underscores just how important it is to get that first email right. If you’re opening communication is smooth, charming, smart, and confident she’ll message you back. If you’re boring, abrasive, arrogant, or annoying she’ll pass you by and choose from one of the dozens of other emails she received that day.

Basic Tips When Writing Introduction Email

– Personalize the message in some way if possible

– Ensure your grammar is excellent; studies of dating site data shows that text speak, leet speech, etc, are surefire ways to be ignored

– Try to be a bit funny and/or amusing

– Keep it classy at all times

– Don’t go crazy with compliments on her physical qualities; she’s heard them all before and they no longer carry much weight

– For the love of god do not come off as desperate; confidence is sexy

– Make your subject line and introduction simple, catchy, and charming

Specific Email Examples

Message #1 The direct approach

Subject: We’d have a great time

Message: I know you get dozens of messages a day (maybe more!) so I’ll be brief. Your profile was great (include something specific from her profile that you responded to at this point. Perhaps a band or movie she likes, etc, and keep it clean), you have a gorgeous smile, and I feel like we’d have great chemistry. Check out my profile and hit me back if you feel the same way or you want to know more about me.


Message #2 A little funny

Subject: No penis pictures here, I promise

Message: Chances are good you’ve seen more penis pictures than you ever wanted since you bought a membership to (sitename). Sorry about that; we men can be pretty gross when we see a pretty girl. I have no intention of sending you a picture of my penis though. You can check my profile to see that it is penis free. That stuff is for the bedroom, right? I’d like to get to know you a little better, particularly since (mention something specific about her profile here to let her know you took the time to peruse it and aren’t just emailing because you think she’s hot).


Here’s an example of what not to do

Subject: You are a fine piece of ass!

Message: Damn, you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen. You have the hottest ass and the sexiest tits. I would love to kiss those lips, suck on your tongue, and give you all the orgasms you can handle baby. I’m all about making my woman orgasm and I know how to do it like nobody else. You hook up with me and you won’t regret a second of it. You’ll be moaning all night long because I can go forever.


Keep it classy, keep it simple, inject a little humor if you can, and you’ll have ladies messaging you back constantly.

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