#5 Having Sex can be easy: learn to spot vulnerable woman fast

You’re here because you’re interested in casual sex dating, which means you’re not interested in a long term relationship. What you want is good sex, and my goal is to help you have it and with great frequency. Here’s an absolute truth for you: insecure women offer the best casual sex you’ve ever had.

It might come off as a little predatory to focus your efforts on insecure women, but the truth is that almost every girl on a casual sex dating site falls into that category as they use sex to boost their confidence in a variety of ways. The key to a successful casual sex experience will come doen to your ability to spot vulnerable woman!

Let’s start with a more general approach. Beauty is a commodity in the world; everyone wants it and few people have it. That’s why the women that are less than beautiful and whose bodies are a little bit chubby are generally insecure. Society tells them that they’re not quite good enough, thereby giving birth to a desire to prove that they are indeed good enough. A small percentage of these chubby, cute but not beautiful girls join casual sex dating sites to boost their confidence through sex. Every message they receive inflates their confidence and every night of passionate sex makes them feel so good. Sex with a chubby, insecure girl can be astoundingly rewarding.

You can also scan profiles for signs of an insecure girl using sex to boost her confidence. The freshly dumped or cheated on girl is a great resource for your sexual desires. If she’s out for revenge on her boyfriend or to prove that he never should have cheated on her you can slip in there and be on the receiving end of wonderfully passionate and aggressive sex where she uses your penis to make all her problems go away. You can also peruse profiles for girls that are straight up desperate for relief after many months of unintentional celibacy (these girls are quite rare since it’s pretty easy for a lady to get laid in the world). You’ll also occasionally find a former good girl ready to uncork her naughty side and cut loose. Nowadays the web is a great place for such behavior, which means good things for you.

If you can’t find information on her insecurity and vulnerabilities in her profile you might consider a few simple questions in your message.

3 Questions To Gauge Vulnerability

1. “What was your longest relationship?”
2. “How long has it been since you have been laid?”
3. “What caused you to sign up to a casual sex site?”

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