#4 – Weeding Out Fake Profiles & Escorts – Don’t be fooled!

One of the sad truths of casual sex dating is that the profiles with the staggeringly beautiful women that every man would dream of sleeping with are almost always fake. Everyone knows this basic truth: a drop dead gorgeous woman doesn’t need to go online to get laid, even if all she wants is no strings attached casual sex. That’s tip number one in how to avoid a fake and/or escort profile (unless you’re on a casual sex site looking for escorts, in which case you should contact her and negotiate a fee). There are a handful of really obvious signs a casual sex dating profile is fake, and they’re listed below.

Signs A Casual Sex Dating Profile Is Fake

– If her profile reads like that of a teenage boy she’s faking it. What does that mean? If you read her profile and it’s all about how much she loves sex, how she has sex all the time, how she thinks about nothing but sex, how she will do it in any position, how she loves anal, how she wants to have sex outdoors, etc, that’s a fake profile. The idea is to appeal to base desires of a man to have that kind of sex and it obviously works since almost every dating site, even the good ones, have profiles of that nature.

– If a girl asks for money for various expenses you should immediately cease conversation with her. These are most often travel expenses. They can be as extreme as cash for a plane ticket and accommodations in your city or as simple as money for a cab ride home (that’s always more than a cab would actually cost). As tempting as the girl might seem, she’s either an escort or a scammer if she’s asking you for anything more than $10 to cover her ride home.

– If in all her communications with you she talks about how much she wants to give you pleasure and how she can’t wait to make you feel good while never mentioning her own pleasures she’s a scammer. A genuine girl doesn’t sign up for a casual sex site because she wants to give guys orgasms. She does it because she wants to orgasm while the guy does as well.

– This one is pretty obvious, but if the girl claims to be from a foreign country and wants your help getting to America, you need to pass. That’s the biggest scam of all and you will never see her nor will you see any of the money you send.

The one thing all these casual sex dating scams have in common is that they prey on desperate guys that brush aside common sense in favor of sex. Don’t be that guy. When you read a fake profile or a fake message your brain will tell you, very clearly, that it’s bogus. The guys that get screwed out of money are the ones that brush aside those thoughts because they’re sad, lonely, and horny beyond belief. Let common sense win out.

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