#3 Must Important Step Use Multiple Casual Dating Sites & Fill Your Calendar

People often recoil at the cost of a casual sex site (typically between $20-40/month, although cheaper if you sign up for multiple months at a time), perhaps figuring that because it’s online they should be able to use the service for free. While I understand that a monthly fee of that nature seems pricey, when you consider what you’re getting out of it, it’s quite the bargain.

How much money do you spend on an average night at the bars/clubs looking for a hookup? If you’re in a big city you could easily drop $100 on cover charges, and drinks for you and the ladies you’d like to sleep with. Maybe you’ll spend more if you’re rolling in style. Do that three or four times a month and you’re looking at a monstrous cost. Compared to $20 for a casual dating site, up to $400/month is a king’s ransom for the mere possibility of sex.

Through a great deal of practical research (lots of casual sex dating, in other words), I’ve come to the conclusion that the most efficient play is to purchase memberships to at least to sex dating sites. If you go with the two biggest you’re looking at a membership base of roughly 80 million people. Obviously a fair number of those are fake profiles and there are probably duplicates, but those are crazy high numbers and with so many potential partners to choose from it will be rare that you go more than a few days without good sex if that’s what you crave. – Top Casual Dating Sites To Join –

Wouldn’t it be worth $40/month to essentially have casual sex whenever you crave it? After just a few months in the casual dating world you’ll likely have a list of go to girls you can contact anytime for a hookup. They want it, you want it, and if you happen to want it at the same time you’ll make beautiful, blissful love with just an email or a phone call as the preamble.

While there can be something wonderful about the ritual of going to the clubs and the game of flirting with and chasing girls, it can get tiresome and prohibitively expensive, particularly if you go home at the end of the night with only your hand to comfort you. Casual sex dating is as sure a thing as there is in the world, moreso if you join 2-3 sites at the same time. Your profile can be the same so it’s not any extra work. The benefit is you have lots more ladies to contact, thus more ladies that will get back to you and more ladies that will happily jump into bed for a great time.

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