#2 Create A Casual Sex Dating Profile That Gets a 90% Reply Rate

The women you find on casual sex sites are, in most cases, vastly different from those on vanilla dating sites looking for the love of their life and marriage. Casual dating sites are filled with women that want great sex, which means you need to convince them that you’re the man to provide that great sex. You need to do that in your profile and if you succeed your response rate will go through the roof as nearly 90% of the ladies you message will get back to you (provided your picture is at least decent).

Women interested in dating are looking for sensitive, funny, romantic guys. Women interested in great casual sex are looking for confident, alpha males that will take charge in the bedroom and give them the orgasms they crave (there are exceptions to every rule but experience tells me that women on casual dating sites are the kind that want to be taken, to be screwed hard, and to be given thunderous orgasms).

There’s a sweet spot between confident and arrogant you need to find. In general, outright arrogance is a turn off since you tend to come off as more of a misogynist than a man that loves sex with beautiful women.

Here are a few points to hit in your profile to achieve a level of confidence without sounding arrogant.

– Mention that you have high standards for the women you sleep with. It sounds arrogant but when a girl you’ve contacted reads that in your profile it ends up being flattering because it means she meets your high standards.

– Don’t be afraid to brag a little about your skill in the bedroom (provided you have it). Mention that it’s of the utmost important to you that your partner have a great time and hopefully have multiple orgasms. Keep it mature though. Bragging about your incredible stamina (this is generally not a positive for women since the vagina will start to hurt after too much thrusting) or how big your penis is (in general size has little to do with sexual pleasure since clitoral stimulation is how most women orgasm) is more likely to turn a girl off than make her want to sleep with you.

– Brevity is the soul of a good casual sex dating profile. Keep it short, simple, and straightforward.

– Without sounding like a jerk, make sure you demand that she be as into giving you a good time as you are into giving her one.

Here are the top 3 “interests” we have found most woman to respond to

1. “I am not going to waste your time rambling on about my live of football, punk rock, and working out because you probably don’t care. Instead I’ll only discuss my main interest which is bring pleasure to women! I guess you can say my skills at giving woman screaming orgasms have been perfected. Send me a massage and I will show you.”

2. “I live my life by 1 ruleā€¦do whatever it takes to satisfy a woman. I’m interested in you. Bringing pleasure to a woman is how I get off. Don’t misunderstand me though, I always take the lead in bed, but there is no bigger turn on for me than brings an orgasm to a woman.”

3. ” I never know what I am suppose to write here. I guess I could mention my addiction to playing draw something, but most likely that is not going to get me laid. Unless drawing little pictures on your IPHONE gets you turned on. I am guessing that it does not. So instead I will say I can have a good time doing almost anything as long as its with a woman I connect with.”

3 Highly Effective Profile “Descriptions”

1. I find pleasure in bring a women pleasure. Any man that leaves a woman unsatisfied in not a real man. You get yours, I get man & we are both happy every time”

2. As a writer of romance novels my day job requires me to be highly intone with the mind of a woman. I am looking for a lady to act out one of my written fantasies. I would also like to sit down with a sexual open lady, hear about her fantasies and possible act them out if we share a connection. ”

3. I am not one to settle. I am looking for a woman who meets my standards and will give me the same pleasure I promise to give her. Does that come cross a little to cocky for you? Well the woman that chooses me will have just as much fun as I will!”

Profile Picture Is The Key

Outside of the profile text you absolutely need a good picture. You don’t have to be a hot guy and you don’t need to have a great body (although those things help) but you do need to have a good pic. Keep your clothes on, try to show your torso and face, and make sure it’s clear and simple.

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