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On January 29, 2013
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Social Networking with a naughty twist! is a Highly Recommended Casual Sex Dating Guaranteed To Get You Laid!

SocialSex Review

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What would you do if you had millions of men, women, and couples at your disposal as possible sexual partners? You’d get laid as fast as possible, right? That’s what SocialSex offers its members. The possibilities are almost literally endless, with thousands of potential mates in any city so no matter where you live you can wild and crazy. Don’t limit yourself to just single girls or guys, either. There are couples that want to try wild things so you can be a couple looking to swing, a guy looking to join a couple for a wild threesome or just to bang a girl while her boyfriend watches, or a girl looking to hook up in all kinds of ways and Social Sex will serve your needs and make you the happiest guy in the world. It’s a dream come true for casual sex fans.

The Five Point Test


1) How Legit Is Socialsex?

If you’ve done research on casual dating you’ve probably heard some bad stories. People tend to complain when they get screwed or scammed, and it happens. You might wonder ìs Social Sex a scam? and you wouldn’t be off base for asking. There are sites that exist only to take your money, scamming you in that they’re not at all what they seem to be since most profiles on them are bogus or dead. Thankfully the answer to Is SocialSex legit? is yes, with almost no reservations.

This is not a perfect casual dating site because there is no such thing, at least with regards to scammy and fake profiles. They seed the search results with profiles that aren’t real, mostly to make the site seem a little better than it is to free members. However, when you pay those profiles are pushed to the background. You’ll occasionally have to deal with a scammer, but all you have to do to avoid being scammed is to keep your BS meter running. If a girl seems way too good to be true (super hot, all about making you happy, doesn’t care that you’re not nearly as good looking as her) then it is. Simple as that. Social Sex is not a scam site; in fact, there are so few scammers you’ll probably never run into them.

2) Size of the Membership Base On SocialSex

This is an impressively big site. They genuinely have millions of members and they bring in roughly 20,000 new ones every day. Not all of those are paid members that can respond to your messages, but they convert a high percentage of those that join free because it’s pretty clear from the moment you join that Social Sex is a top notch casual dating site. They do things right and that makes people stick around and since they end up getting laid they want to come back month after month, renewing their memberships with zeal because it’s the path to good casual sex. The size of your city/town tends to determine the number of local members, although certain places more known for a liberal approach to sex (think San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc) tend to have more members than the population would dictate.

3) Site Design & Feature Review Of SocialSex

A wide breadth of experience with sex dating sites has led me to the conclusion that simpler is better. A fancy design with lots of graphical bells and whistles and programmed elements is nice sometimes, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of casual dating it’s an annoyance. That’s why the design choices of Social Sex are so excellent, and really makes social sex real! The site looks good and they present the information in a simple manner that makes it easy to take it all in and make your dating choices in no time. Profiles are presented 12 to a page when you search and you can hold your mouse over the picture to get your options: view profile, meet in person, add to friend list, and send email. The profile is the most important page and it’s stuffed with info thanks to the numerous questions they ask, all of which are really simple to answer with just one click of the mouse (quick tip: if a girl hasn’t added anything to her profile outside of a picture she’s not worth contacting).

The video chat feature of Social Sex is fantastic. If she’s online you can instantly connect via webcam and get a look at her as close to in person as you can get without leaving the house. Plus, if you’re horny and want to fool around there’s a good chance you can get naked together and have a little webcam sex. There’s also group chat and a virtual sex world they’ve developed where you control avatars and can have cyber sex. Bonus content includes streaming videos, erotic stories, dating advice and info on swinger clubs.

4) Does SocialSex Work At Finding Casual Sex?

Everyone wants to know does Social Sex work. Girls and guys alike are curious about their chances of having casual sex and with good cause. It’s hard to know for sure until you’ve tried it, but you can go into a membership at Social Sex with great confidence that you’ll get laid. In fact, the only thing that will stop you is yourself. If you never fill out a profile or add a picture then you’re not going to get laid. If you follow the advice given in the articles here and put together a good profile with a well-chosen picture and learn how to approach the girls on the site you will get laid, and with ease. If you really worked at it you could have casual sex almost every night of the week. Few guys have time for that, but you could make it happen.

5) Payment Information For SocialSex

Social Sex is smart enough to bill your credit card with an innocuous name. They use trusted third party credit card processors to do the billing, each of which has been in business and processing credit cards online for years. Membership is simple. You join on a three day trial that costs $1. If you’re satisfied do nothing and your membership will be renewed for 30 days at $29.95. You can also cancel and won’t be charged anything more. You can also pay extra to have your profile featured on search pages in your area.


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