Simple Hacks to Find A Hookup at The Gym

As more and more people are turning away from the health risks of alcohol and making healthier lifestyles the norm, bars are no longer the place to find a hookup. Coffee shops, bookstores, and local events are the new place to find a hookup. Anything that gets people out and about is now working double duty as a matchmaking service. This includes the gym. A whole subculture of American life is built around weightlifting, strength training, exercise, yoga, and staying healthy. It is a way of life and unless two people are both on the same page here, it is hard for a relationship to withstand. Hooking up at the gym is a great way to find a hot-bodied hookup who thinks like you do. It isn’t at all difficult and can be accomplished with the use of these few simple hacks.

Make your move Early or Late To Find A Hookup At The Gym

Let’s face it, you don’t look your best at the gym no matter what. You may be pumped but you are also sweaty, fatigued and probably a bit dehydrated. Even if you are just sweaty, it isn’t a good look. You will look the best when you first arrive and after you shower. Making a move on the girl of your dreams at the gym requires good timing. You don’t want to look like you dressed up for the occasion, but you don’t want her to get a load of those giant pit stains you accumulate after 15 minutes of working out.

Use Your Work Out Time for Flirting

Don’t approach a girl when she is working out. She’s sweaty and out of breath. You have probably looked better. Instead, use that time to flirt. Make eye contact. Smile. Let her see you working out. Be oblivious while she checks out your moves in the gym. Flex. Lift. Do man stuff. Make sure to get your work out in though. Do not get preoccupied with watching her watch you. It defeats the purpose. It is ok to say hello and make small talk but save the important stuff for when you are cleaned up and rested. You want her to see what your normal look is like.

Don’t Be Hanz or Franz

Saturday Night Live ran a popular sketch in the 90’s with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. VIDEO: WATCH HANZ & FRANZ CLIP They were pumped up body builders with foreign accents who belittled everyone of smaller stature. They constantly strike poses and admire themselves. Don’t be like these guys. That’s why it’s a SNL skit. Guys like that are a joke. No one likes them, much less wants to let them smash. Its cool to be proud of yourself but use what you know to help others get their too.

Don’t Get Physical When Trying To Find A Hookup At The Gym

The gym can be a sensitive place for women. Even if she seems super-buff, you don’t know how she feels. If you want to compliment her, keep it non-physical. Don’t tell her she is doing great. Don’t tell her she is hot, or sexy. Don’t even talk about exercises or gym goals. Tell her she is cool or interesting. Say you have a lot in common or you’d like to know more about her. Ave the physical compliments for your first date.

Be Brief When You Want To Find A Hookup At The Gym

We know timing is crucial to find a hookup at the gym. Click Here For A Few More Tips You must also consider timing of your conversation. Make sure to keep it brief and friendly. Nothing to intense and certainly nothing long. If she has just completed a particularly intense workout, it isn’t a good time to engage her in conversation of any type. Keep it short and simple. Ask for her number and then say good bye. Giver her a short text on your way out the door so she has your number.

Finding a hookup at the gym doesn’t have to be hard, but people make it that way unconsciously. It is a great place to hookup. Unlike bars and nightlife scenes, everyone has the same basic mindset. You are more likely to find a hookup at a gym because you’re around women who already like your type. You have one foot in the door before you every knock. The rest is up to you.