Why Wingman Is Our New Favorite App for Casual Sex

Traditionally, the term “wingman” has meant a man who befriends another and helps him out in areas of romance. He’s that guy that tells his buddy what to wear, how to dress, and what to say when he meets that special girl. He helps you feel self-confident and calm in a scene that can be uncomfortable. Online dating apps are a lonely pursuit. You are in it on your own in the deep wide cyber sea. There are plenty of apps for casual sex but only one that works as your wingman. The Wingman app is a casual sex app that doubles as your best bud in times of need. Not a dating app, not a matchmaking app, its more like an app for casual sex your friends are in charge of for you. They design your profile and seek out your matches. How easy is that? You don’t even have to check the first message. Download It Here: ITunes / Google Play

Wingman Is An app for casual sex with a new approach

Instead of setting up a profile, and filling out all the humdrum bio details, and figuring out which pics to upload, your friend or wingman, does it. You don’t have to do a thing. In fact, you can’t. No one can set up their own profile. You can’t connect yourself with anyone at all. Its all up to your friends. Depending on what type of friends you have, this app for casual sex can be a lot of fun.

A casual sex app developed from a new eye

Most apps for casual sex are developed by the tech wunderkind who everyone knew was going to end up a millionaire. The young guys, fresh out of college with their own idea of dating and how technology can enhance it. Wingman was born from the creative mind of grown woman with real-life dating experience under her belt. A Londoner who’d just experienced a break-up, Tina Wilson was not feeling the excitement her friends did for the online dating scene. As they tried to find sites to interest her, she realized there were no casual sex apps for friends to help each other out. After some beta testing Wingman was a thing.

Wingman is a casual sex app for the shy folks

There are certain people who just can’t stomach the blatant self-promotion it takes to join and succeed on an app for casual sex. It is really hard for shy people or those who have anxiety to come up with set of words that describe them. They want to sound cool but end up feeling stupid. With Wingman, your friends do all the hard work for you. They see characteristics in you that you may not see. People often underestimate themselves and leave the best parts out of a profile. It also helps take out the embarrassment factor. A lot of newbies, especially, are just too nervous and embarrassed to use an app for casual sex.

A casual sex app that gets a little help from your friends

Who doesn’t enjoy a little help when your feeling self-conscious? Not only that but people who use apps for casual sex get tired of the same old scene. Swipe after swipe. All the hassle has been passed on to your trusted man pal. They find women they think would match well with you. The make contact and talk you up. The best thing of all is that if you get a rejection you never have to know about it.

Apps for casual sex app like Wingman are a new revelation in the predictably boring world of online dating. It brings to mind the old days when you’d meet in a group at the local pub and your best friend introduces you to his coworker. Who knows you better than your friends? They know you better than you know yourself, in most instances. Letting your friends take the wheel of your dating life may not seem like a good idea but it takes things in a new direction. It can open new possibilities you would otherwise not be privy too. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to swiping for yourself.