A How To Guide For Casual Sex In The Car

A-How-To-Guide-For-Casual-Sex-In-The-CarIf you are looking for something out of the ordinary to turn up the heat in your relationship, car sex may be something that can be fun. If finding a quite moment at home is not possible because of kids, or roommates, having sex while on the go is the best way to be adventurous, and not be too risky to get caught. There is something very naughty about having sex in the car. Like they did in the old days, sex in the backseat is not the only place that can be enjoyable. Even in the most compact of cars, getting up close and personal can be thrilling.

On The Road Again
Women listen up, there is nothing a guy loves more than a blow job. They are like giving flowers to a women. If you are on a road trip where the road is wide open and traffic is non-existent, make good use of your time. You can either blow on the go, or stop for a pit stop. There is plenty of room for you to reach over the console to get down to business. Start the warm up by massaging his junk until it is ready to stand up and take notice. Bend over to his seat and gently make your way under the steering wheel. There may not be that much leverage for the up and down, but it may make the deep throat stuff that much deeper.

There is plenty of room in the drivers seat
Women, there is always plenty of room in the drivers seat. Don’t try this while the car is in motion, that can be way too dangerous. Kindly ask the driver to pull over. Finding a discrete place to hop on top is not all that difficult. There are many parking lots that are not well lit. Make sure not to park under the street lights. It isn’t that you don’t want to see the action, it is just that you don’t want the police, or anyone who is going to get nervous and call the police, to see. Once you are stopped, go around to the drivers door. Open it up and straddle your man. Not only are you going to get a ride to your destination, you can get a quick ride on top. The steering wheel may not let you do so much bump and grind, but it will make the penetration deeper. There isn’t any way to go but deeper. Push the chair all the way back, adjust the steering wheel and have a seat. It probably won’t take too much time to get your rocks off.

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Ride shot-gun
If you don’t want to have a steering wheel in your back, have the driver hop on top. With him or her on top they can get much more motion. Set the seat all the way back and begin the bump and grind from the passenger’s seat. Take turns with people on top. You can also take turns driving for the long road trip.


Hop in the back seat
If you want to get a little more comfortable the backseat may give you a little more room to stretch out. Whatever size car you have, there is always room for two (unless there is no backseat). It can be very exciting to park the car and go for another ride. Hopping into the back seat where you are able to stretch your legs is a great idea. Not only do you have more room to gain more traction, you can try different positions. Leaning up against doors, or even hanging your head out the window is totally acceptable depending on the remoteness of the place you can pull over. If you have a truck, go ahead and get up on it. Grab a seat and allow your man to hold onto your legs as he makes his way in and out. If he turns you over, you can do it standing doggie styles from the rear end of the car.

The idea behind having sex in a car is that everything goes. Where there is a will, there is a space. Just be cautious and don’t do anything that isn’t safe for yourself, or for other drivers out on the road.

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