5 Hacks to Have More Casual Sex This Summer

According to prestigious publications such as Psychology Today and Marie Claire, casual sex has never been more popular or acceptable. Everyone is doing it. There are a list of benefits a mile long but there is one caveat. It isn’t for everyone. Some people are not capable of it. They simply cannot have casual sex because they fall in love. Sometimes they don’t even need sex to fall in love. There are people who fall in love hard and deep by simply getting to know a person or by the closeness of the act of sex itself. Casual sex is not possible for those folks. The rest of us, however, are good to go and summer is a fantastic time to indulge. The weather is warm, and everyone is out and about wearing as little as possible. It seems like having casual sex in the summer would be super easy, but there can be a few hitches. Here are the five best hacks to have more casual sex this summer.

1. Make Sure You and Your Partner are Both Clear that its Casual Sex with no Strings

Very few people can have successful casual sex while carrying on all the trappings of a romantic relationship. Those who can are called fuck buddies and that isn’t always casual. One way to get around this is to go straight to the sex and nothing else. No dinner. No cocktails. No hanging out or spending the night after. Simply set a date and time and get to it. If you are one of the lucky few who can have a sex buddy relationship, more power to you, but don’t chance it. If you aren’t already in such a relationship it is best to just hit it and quit it.

2. Kinky, Hot, and Wild is the Name of the Game

Not to say that relationship sex is boring or straight-laced, but if she is hanging from the ceiling with her legs in a sling it is much harder to look at the act as something like making love. For both of you. Casual sex is all about gratification and making each other feel good. Put the emphasis on fun and let it rip.

3. Pick a Partner You Love to Hate

Choose someone to have casual sex with that is both super-hot and a total bitch. Someone like that waitress with the great ass who always has a biting comment or the chick from accounting who looks like Selena Gomez –> See her bikini pics HERE and makes you want to scream with her stupid conversations every Friday. Someone who gets on your very last nerve but makes you drool when your alone at night makes a great casual sex candidate. Every time she opens her mouth you would be constantly reminded why its casual sex you’re having and not a committed relationship.

4. Don’t Make a Regular Thing Out of It

Regularity is bad for casual sex. Real bad. Regularity is how relationships are made and bonds are formed. You can have a great casual sex relationship as long as you don’t make a set date every Friday night at 8. Keep it open. Whenever you are she is feeling the vibe is regular enough. You may want to make a rule for yourself not to see her but maybe three times a month or something similar. Enough to keep the romantic feelings at bay but interest high.

5. Respect is Key

Just because there is no commitment between you two doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be respect. You are sharing your bodies with each other and that deserves respect no matter what. Show up when you say you will. Leave when you are supposed to and keep your mouth shut about what happens between you two.

Casual sex in the summer is hot. Not only temperature wise, either. It’s hot because everyone is restless in the summer. You have been cooped up wearing itchy sweaters and long pants over long socks. Summer arrives, and we are able to strip down to barely-there thin garments and go out with abandon. We sit in outdoor cafes and beer gardens. We are at the beach and in the park. Alcohol is as plentiful as sunscreen and we’re all in a good mood. Now is the time. Seize the moment.