Can you find casual sex on Hinge?

Hinge is a Facebook-based dating app available on both iPhone and Android devices. It does things slightly different than other dating apps in an effort to stand out in the heavily competitive field of Internet dating. Some people do not like the Facebook connection, but Hinge feels it keeps users responsible. It’s a free app and also uses the social media connection to help make matches for its users. With this social media focus, is it possible to find casual sex on Hinge? That all depends on you. DOWNLOAD HINGE RIGHT HERE | ITUNESGOOGLE PLAY

Easy Matchmaking

The ease of obtaining matches can be a big help finding casual sex on Hinge. Every single day users get a specific number of matches delivered to them. They see the first name, height, age, occupation, and education of each match. Users also get to see the shared social networks and friends. The last names are not revealed until users show interest and complete the match. This turns a lot of people off who would prefer to keep their dating preferences private. Knowing that their face is out their floating around to other people who have mutual friends is daunting.

Free Membership VS Preferred Membership

With so much focus on transparency and accountability via social media, some think its too hard to find casual sex on Hinge. One thing that may help change your mind is the advantages of both the free and paid memberships. The free membership lets you search by filters such as age, ethnicity, height, gender, location, distance, and religion. It also offers up to 10 likes per day to send to possible matches. The same community of finely selected relationship-seekers as Preferred membership is available to the free membership holders. Those with a preferred membership get to search with more filters such as whether someone has children or wants children, political views, drinking, smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana, and using other drugs. They also get unlimited daily likes. One perk for preferred membership that is a bit different for a dating app is access to Hinge Experts that can help make the perfect profile, navigate the site and really specialize the dating experience for you.

Profile Perks

Casual sex on Hinge is not as difficult as it may seem. Every dating app on the world gives users a profile page and on Hinge you can use it to state your purpose. (Tips For Filling Out A Great Dating Profile) Hinge gives users prompt questions to answer on their profile as well as a variety of boxes to click to state what they hope to get out of the Hinge app. While many people check all the boxes available, users who just want to find casual sex on Hinge can choose that box only. The app will automatically send you matches that are also looking for the same thing. While you may get a few matches who click everything from long term relationship to one-night-stands, you will still find those ladies who are simple looking for casual sex.

Dealbreakers Can Pave the Way

Hinge profile setup also gives you a chance to set up some deal breakers. These are things that you absolutely want nothing to do with. Some people choose smoking, drinking, or children as deal breakers. There is no reason you can’t chose people with long term relationship goals in mind as your deal breaker. Hinge allows users the ability to change and edit dealbreakers at any time. The system looks at your deal breakers when setting up your matches. If you really only want casual sex on Hinge, you can definitely state it.

Finding casual sex on Hinge depends a lot on whether or not connecting to your Facebook account bothers you. If you are cheating on your mate, looking for an affair, or just shopping around for fun, you probably don’t want your social media accounts connected to you dating profile. Many people who aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong just do not like the idea of their Facebook friends knowing they are using a dating app. That’s cool too. If it does bother you, you can still find casual sex on Hinge but you’ll have to tough it out by making your profile more P.C. You will have to wade through all the women looking for their knight in shining armor to come rescue them and focus on the little red riding hoods looking for the big bad wolf to come eat them up.