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EasySex (Formerly Known As XXXmatch) is a fantastic site geared towards helping you find sex online! Highly Recommended!










EasySex Review (Formerly Known As XXXmatch)

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If you’ve come across this review of Easysex (Formerly Known As XXXmatch) then you want casual sex. Perhaps you’re already in a relationship and you want to stray and perhaps you’re single and looking to experience a mind blowing orgasm without getting into a relationship and all that comes with it. You’re in the right place. EasySex is an excellent site on the cutting edge of the new sexual revolution led by the internet and the many wonderful advantages it offers. In this case, you get access to more than 50 million people that have signed up for EasySex over the years in search of the same casual sex dating pleasures that you currently desire. They found what they were looking for and now it’s your turn. Read on to see if this is the site for you.

The Five Point Test

1) Does EasySex Work?

There isn’t a casual sex dating site in the world that doesn’t have fake profiles. They do it because they want to convince free members to join. That’s just how it works and that’s fine. The key is to join a site that limits the number of fake profiles and largely keeps them out of your search results, which is exactly what happens at XXXMatch. That’s just one reason why this is one of the best sex dating sites online.

They’re more than willing to eliminate a profile if you report it for scamming, such as when a girl claims to live across the country from you but will happily visit for casual sex if you provide the cash for a plane ticket. Yeah, it happens to guys all the time, so make sure you report such a profile if you receive a message of that nature. Not being desperate is the best way to avoid any scamming profiles on a casual sex dating site. You won’t have to worry much about it at Easy Sex. Plus, they offer a feature where you can leave a note just for you on any profile to help you weed out scammers to ensure you don’t get involved. You’re the only one that can see the note so they never know you said anything (it’s useful for keeping track of girls that were terrible in bed, were terrible conversationalists, or simply bored you out of your mind).

2) How Many Members on EasySex?

Every day more than 20,000 new members sign up for EasySex looking for sex online, and with more than 50 million already in the database they boast one of the largest collections of potential dates in the online casual sex dating world. It’s an advantage they’ll never lose, either. The more members they have the more likely they are to get new members since in large part the sex dating world is about volume. The more ladies available in your area the better chance you have of sleeping with one.

3) How easy is EasySex to use?

When you log in to the adult finder site, EasySex you’re given a quick hit of local matches. They seem to be selected randomly. Visit the search page and you can narrow that list a little. On a site this big that’s a necessity. Free members can utilize the basic search (age, location, sex) and paid members can expand to the advanced search where you can narrow your results by physical traits and a few other options (smoking, drinking, ethnicity, height range, sexual preference). Search results are displayed in a 3×4 grid with a thumbnailed picture of your potential casual sex partner, her name, age, location, and when she was last on. It’s always a good bet to message the girls that have been on in the past week. Anything older is likely someone you won’t hear back from.

Contact can be achieved in a number of ways, although old fashioned email is still the best route. Their mail program is simple and straightforward and you don’t need anything else. You can also send a friend request, send an instant message, or chat via webcam. You have the ability to block a user as well if you find them disagreeable or don’t want to see them in your search results (great for the fake profiles).

4) How likely Am I To Meet A Casual Sex Partner At EasySex

There are many reasons why EasySex stands out as one of the best sex dating options online and chief among them is they offer you the best chance of getting laid. That’s what this is all about, right? You want to end up horizontal under the bed sheets with a beautiful lady, right? The sheer volume of members is a big help and their efforts to market to women and keep them around is another. The better the ratio of men to women on a casual sex dating site the better.

The effort they’ve put in to create a great user interface and to encourage you to share a great deal of information (none of it deeply personal in an invasive way, which is a good thing) means finding potential sex partners is easier than ever. In short, if you find a full profile that seems like it was written by a real woman (not a guy posing as a girl to get you to sign up for the site), there’s a good chance she’s an active member searching for casual sex. Send her and others like her emails and you’ll most definitely hear back. At that point it’s up to you to seal the deal and ensure that sexual passion you crave.

5) Billing Information

For $1 you get a three day trial to EasySex, after which you’ll be billed $39 for the next 30 days access. That membership renews automatically until canceled and there are no options for longer subscriptions that give you a discount. On the sign up page you’ll see a box has been checked that signs you up for a service that pushes your listing to the top of the results page in your area for an extra $10/month. Uncheck that or you’ll be charged (or leave it checked if you want to pay extra). EasySex offers a 100 day hook up guarantee where they’ll refund your money if you haven’t successfully found a casual sex partner after 100 days of good faith efforts (you have to create a profile, put up a picture, and message people actively).


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