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Xpress dating is currently the fastest growing casual sex site on the web. With over 20,000 new members each day, there must be a reason for so much growth so fast, that reason is quality! Xpress delivers where many adult finder sites fall short and that is getting you laid! This site caters to swingers, wife swappers, the married but looking, one-night stand seekers, and anyone else who is looking for a good time. All the unique features Xpress offers, such as video chat and sending receiving custom flirts only adds to the appeal of Xpress dating. Casual sex is experiencing a revolution, and casual sex dating online is at the forefront of that. Xpress, is one of the best sites we have found in the genre and it offers an easy way to get laid, have some fun, and do it all with no strings attached so you’re free to try someone new the next night if you please.

The Five Point Test

1) Does Xpress Work?

Once you’ve experienced a sex dating site you’ll quickly learn that one of the most annoying elements of such a site is the fake and scamming profiles. Mostly they’re irritating because they clog up the real listings and force you to sift through bogus ladies to get to the ones that will actually message you back. So instead of working on picking up a woman you’re messaging women that don’t exist, that are looking for money instead of sex, etc. Xpress dating has its fair share of these fake profiles, although if you paw through the terms and conditions you’ll likely find that they’re actually called something like model consultants. They’re merely there to show you the possibilities of what membership can offer and in no way reflect the actual members. Thankfully they’re not a significant occurrence at Xpress so I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve come across only a small handful of scamming members and the truth is, you can completely avoid them if you read the articles on Only Casual Sex and remember the tips for spotting a fake or scammy profile and bogus messages.

2) How Many Members On Xpress?

With well over 30 million members, Xpress ranks among the largest casual sex dating sites online. That number is slightly specious since it includes people on free accounts and those that haven’t logged in for months, if not years, it’s still one of the largest in the business, which is really all that count (all the sites pad their numbers a bit). The bottom line is anyone with a little pick up artist PUA training that joins Xpress and become a paying member (which allows you to message people) you will find a wealth of wonderful women to sleep with, including a huge number that are more than willing to message you back, engage in conversation, and meet for a good time and the casual sex you crave.

3) How Easy Is Xpress To Use?

Site design in the casual sex dating space is an interesting beast. Almost all the sites I’ve joined go for a fairly simple approach, which is unquestionably the smartest. The important element of a site like this is if you can easily find your messages, search the listings, and make contact with the beautiful women you see and lust after. Luckily, Xpress nails it in every way. I’ve seen simple designs that end up looking ugly because they’re messy and they tend to scramble the brain a little but at Xpress they make the casual design of their casual sex dating site a thing of beauty.

Advertisements are kept to a minimum, largely banished to the small navigation bar at the top of the page. Also up top you’ll find links to all sections of the site, including your account, your message center, the search function, the XXX theater with free streaming movies, and the informational section where you can read about swinger parties and more. The search function is similar to most other sites in the genre. They offer both advanced and simple search and as always the methods for narrowing down your results are fairly limited to a few physical qualities. Your search results are easy to read and there’s lots of information in each profile.

4) How Likely Am I To Meet A Casual Sex Partner On Xpress

My favorite thing about Xpress is the wealth of possible information about each potential date. Some girls choose not to fill out their profile (an empty or mostly empty profile is a good sign you can skip over messaging a girl, actually) but those that put in the effort are better bets to get back to you and it’s much easier to decide if you’ll be compatible with them. It’s not easy to figure out via a profile if you’re going to have a great time in bed with a possible casual sex partner but it’s easier than just going by her looks. The smart sex dating man knows that her profile is the key to unlocking your potential to sleep with her.

For that reason, Xpress dating is a terrific choice for your casual sex needs. It’s one of the best sex dating destinations online because so much of the work is done for you. You can save endless, utterly pointless emailing with a girl you’ll never sleep with just by perusing her profile and finding red flags. Plus, the women here are more apt to respond than on almost any other top sex dating site.

5) Billing Information On Xpress

Xpress charges $1 for a three day trial and renews automatically at $29.95/month. That continues until you cancel. Other sites offer lower monthly fees in exchange for buying multiple months up front but Xpress has no such offer. If you pay an extra $9.98/month Xpress will makes yours a featured profile, pushing it higher in the listings and ensuring that you’re the first one any girl in your neighborhood sees. It’s not really worth the money since guys do almost all the messaging on sites like this but if you have the cash you can have some fun.


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