What To Do If She Wants Round 2

What To Do If  She Wants Round 2Millions of words have been spilled on the topic of making a lady orgasm, but the truth is it’s exceptionally simple. A woman’s sexual center is her clitoris and stimulation of that most blessed or organs will reliably make her cum in the most satisfying way. Even better, just about every woman has the capability to orgasm multiple times in one session. Understanding the clitoris and its workings is the key to unlocking multiple orgasms for your lady, thereby increasing her desire for sex, supplanting her current drive with a higher sex drive sure to please both of you.

The mystery surrounding the female orgasm is not really a mystery; it’s more about the male desire to be important and needed. Men inherently want to believe that their penis is needed for the woman to orgasm, which is why we want to believe that penetration is the only way for a woman to cum. Noted psychiatrist Sigmund Freud even came up with a hogwash theory about how a clitoral orgasm was inferior to an orgasm achieved through penetration. Stimulation of the nerve endings in the clit is where the orgasm comes from.

If you learn that lesson you can work your lady through multiple orgasms with ease. Every woman is different, certainly, but if you play it right you can keep your lady in a place of arousal and desire for hours. You’ll get off multiple times too, if you want. This works by changing your mindset about casual sex from selfish to selfless. There are so many wonderful ways to make a woman orgasm that you should try and explore them all during a session aimed at giving her multiple orgasms and making her blissfully happy.

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Blended orgasms provide the healthiest amount of pleasure. Try sucking on her nipples as you stimulate her clitoris and the lips of her vulva. When you pull off her nipples talk dirty as you look into her beautiful eyes and connect in a deep way. After her first orgasm give her a little time to recover but continue touching, caressing, kissing, and gently sucking her all over. A woman’s entire body will turn into an erogenous zone if you’ve set the mood and you’re doing it right, which leads to endless pleasure for her.

After a sufficient amount of time has passed (try 5-10 minutes at first) work your way back down to her vagina and begin stimulation again. If she responds to the work of your fingers it’s time to put your mouth to work. Your tongue on her clitoris is like magic (saliva actually helps stimulate the clit) and if you penetrate her with your fingers and push up you’ll find the g-spot, which some believe is essentially the backside of the clitoris and is thus filled with the same sensitive nerve endings. Your tongue on her clit and your fingers inside her rubbing the g-spot will result in a thunderous orgasm. If you make her cum like that she’ll feel exceptional warmth toward you and be willing to do whatever it takes to give you the orgasm of your dreams.

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