Scam: scamCan you use Sexbook to get laid? The answer is yes, but that applies to almost every site in the casual sex dating world, so they need to be great to make it into the top sex dating sites list and this one doesn’t quite get there. It’s better than most of the poorly-reviewed sites here though, so it’s still worth a look if you’re curious. Members can sign up for a free account to have a look around but when you consider the many great options available to you it’s pretty hard to imagine why you would.

The basic search at SexBook offers simple stuff like age, location, and what they’re looking for in a relationship (dating, swinging, casual sex, fetish play, etc). Upgrade to a paid membership and you can use the advanced search function to find the casual sex you’re looking for. As always, it’s a little disappointing, although being able to narrow down what you seek by height, body type (but not breast size), ethnicity, hair and eye color, and more is helpful.

Profiles at SexBook offer an impressive amount of information, although in most cases you’ll find that the members haven’t made much of an effort to fill them out. At first glance that seems like a bad thing, but if you think about it, it’s actually great. The more information you find in a profile the more dedicated the member is to the whole process, thereby giving you a much greater chance of a response.

The best sex dating sites keep their fake, seed profiles (those that the company creates to make the listings look better, which ever single company does) to a minimum. At Sex Book it’s a little more prevalent, especially if you look through the profiles they list on the first page. Basically, that whole member’s main page is all about selling you on the site so you shouldn’t trust anything you find there. Dig a little deeper by going through the search results and you’ll find more worthy women. They actually ask if the women are escorts here, although I can’t imagine a girl asking for money would actually pay for a membership here when she can use one of the many free classifieds online to advertise her wares.

The best sex dating sites offer hordes of amateur videos and pics uploaded by their users. SexBook offers a collection of pro videos that disappoint. Homemade amateur porn is where the real fun is at and they rob you of that here. Plus, the videos offer no bonus since they’re readily available for free online. Given the many millions of members this site has you’d think the chat rooms would feature more people, but they’re largely empty.

Membership to SexBook costs $30/month after a three day trial for $1. It renews every month and is a little pricey. On the sign up page they have a box checked that will subscribe you to a profile boosting feature that costs another $10. It puts your results at the top of the list and if you don’t uncheck the box you’ll pay that extra fee without knowing it.

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