Scam: scamiHookup purports to pair you up with a perfect match based on the science behind sex. They claim to know sexual chemistry and with that knowledge they will match you up with local singles you’re sexually compatible with. It’s a fairly unique approach to the world of casual sex dating but from what I can tell it’s complete bullshit.

They ask for so little information from you that it’s nearly impossible for them to do anything scientific, let alone determine your sexual chemistry with someone. Sorry, but asking me if I like kinky sex doesn’t mean I’ll match up with someone else that checks the same box. There’s so much more to sexual chemistry and attempting to match people up sexually based on a short survey is the height of insanity. The idea was a good one but their execution is bad to a point that it makes the whole thing seem cynical and designed to rope in unsuspecting and desperate people.

It should come as no surprise that their approach to the best sex dating is built around making extra money. One of the first things you’ll see upon logging in is two buttons: a passion report and a love and sex forecast. What are those? The passion report, which costs $1, will answer how passionate you are, as if you didn’t know that already. The love and sex forecast looks three months into your future and offers crucial insights on what to expect in your love life. It’s basically a horoscope, only they charge $5.95 per report, whereas the newspaper gives your horoscope for free every day. Perhaps others would take value from these reports but they strike me as naked greed designed to steal an extra $7 away from their members.

A significant number of the iHookup casual sex profiles are empty or nearly empty. A huge number of their female members seemingly signed up for a look around and then abandoned the site before upgrading or signed up for a membership and lost interest. You’ll find lots of empty profiles, including many that fail to answer even the most basic questions, a troubling development to be sure. The site’s design is lovely and easy to use, although spreading the information and pictures out over four pages is a tad frustrating and means more clicks than should really be necessary.

A monthly membership to iHookup costs $34.99 if you pay for the gold level, which includes more email per day, higher listings in the results, message storage for a year, and 24 customer support. The silver plan is $29.99/month and features lesser versions of all gold benefits. If you upgrade to the 3 month or 12 month plan they guarantee an affair as long as you follow their fairly basic rules (put a picture up, actually message people, etc). iHookup is a decent site but there aren’t nearly enough paying, active female members and the extra profiteering is annoying. Plus, there’s a complete lack of bonuses such as amater pics and vids that other sites offer.

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