How Casual Dating & Adult Finder Websites Are Taking Over Dating

How-Casual-Dating-&-Adult-Finder-Websites-Are-Taking-Over-DatingThe sex industry is always booming and casual sex is an industry unto itself. The Internet has become a place for connecting and interacting as much as for information. With this change in Internet structure has come a rise in casual dating and adult finder websites. It was only a natural progression as interactions online became more and more personal. There are many websites dedicated to matching people together who are interested in casual sex to some degree. There are many advantages to using casual dating sites and it is fast becoming the most common way to date.

Casual Dating Is More Popular Than Ever

Internet dating once carried certain stigma. It was generally thought that if you dated online you were desperate, weird and/or a sociopath of some sort. Advances in technology and the Internet have made it possible to become almost as familiar with a person online as you can in real life. The casual sex websites give users the opportunity to ask questions, see photos, carry on conversations and talk in groups. Many offer virtual gifts to give each other various ways to flirt. Everything that happens in a bar, happens on these websites. The difference is the physical aspect, a trait that many find attractive. It’s convenient, and has element of excitement.

Casual Dating Is Easier Than Ever

The element of convenience in adult dating sites goes far beyond simply enjoying the ease of sitting on your couch. It also gives you a shortcut too many of traditional dating’s most hated rituals. You cannot walk up to an attractive woman in a crowded bar and ask her if she is interested in casual sex. There is a ritual, a social dance, a biological mating dance humans perform when trying to get laid. While not completely eradicated online, it is drastically reduced. Everyone knows why they are members of an adult dating site. They are all there to find a casual sex partner. The flirting, testing and trying the waters is still a part of online dating, but the goal is much more apparent.


So What Exactly Does “Casual” Mean?

Casual sex means different things to different people. To many, it means a “no emotions” sex buddy type of thing where they hang out and watch movies and go bowling and ball each other’s brains out. To someone else in can mean the occasional hook-up when you’ve got a few minutes between the office and the gym. Using a website for a casual date hookup eliminates a lot of the guess work. It offers a great opportunity to put all the cards on the table. It’s easy to find out exactly what each of you want out of the experience.
In recent studies, more than 82% of the women surveyed admitted to having a casual sex relationship at least once in her life. Less than 20% reported regretting the experience. The numbers are high and rising. The dynamics of a casual sex relationship fit today’s lifestyle. Everyone is busy working full time jobs, going to school, raising a family and taking care of loved ones. The traditional concept of dating requires meeting people and in today’s busy world that isn’t always possible. It is much easier to carve out an hour at home in bed in your pajamas with the laptop. Especially when the experience is so fulfilling.

Online Casual Dating Lets You Be Who You Want To Be

Dating online first also gives you the chance to put your best foot forward, which isn’t always the case when picking up women in the neighborhood. Sometimes you have a bit of a reputation that may precede you. Dating online lets you chose your best photos and think for as long as you need to craft the most witty and charismatic bio on any profile ever.
Adult sites also help to draw out the thrill. It seems odd but the truth is the anonymity of these sites lends a certain excitement to the whole thing. You only let out as much information as you chose, at your own pace, at your own discretion. Getting to know a new person can be as slow or as fast as you want it to be. In many instances, an extended, sexually charged courtship leads to explosive sex.
Casual dating and adult websites very well may take over the way the world dates. The world changes as years go by. The world’s advancements change the way we interact with each other and always will. The key is to learn to roll with the punches and advance with the world. Don’t let it leave you behind.


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