Be Prepared For A One Night Stand

Best Places To Meet A One Night StandWhether you’re meeting your ladies on a casual dating site or you’re going to a bar/club/anywhere else and hoping to bring a girl home for a one night stand you need to be prepared. You want to have casual sex and getting her back to your place is certainly the most difficult part, but you can definitely screw it up once you get in the door. Don’t be so arrogant as to think that you’re going to get lucky just because she’s there with you. Don’t challenge her to accept your messiness and sleep with you despite it.

The first step to a successful one night stand is to clean up before you go out. The bedroom is important since that’s likely where the good stuff is going down. Put your clothes away, put the books back on the shelves, and keep it neat. A cluttered room says way more about you than you want to know. You’ll need to give the bathroom a spit shine too. She’s likely to go in there before you have sex just to prepare a little and give herself one last chance to back out. Make sure whatever she sees when you enter the house is clean. Don’t have a dirty poster on the wall or a bong sitting on the coffee table. That stuff might be what you’re all about but she doesn’t need to know that. Also, it should go without saying that if you live with your parents or have roommates and they’re going to be home that you shouldn’t be bringing her to your place. Parading a one night stand in front of roomies is a good way to make her feel like a whore, which she most definitely does not want.

It’s smart to have a drink available at your place. Wine and some sort of hard liquor so you can mix up a drink is the best choice, though some girls are all about a beer. You don’t need to drink to get it on, but she might want a little liquid courage before going through with it. Many guys lean on the tried and true practice of offering a girl a drink at their place to get her to go back and you can do the same thing. You’ll need the drinks at home to make that happen though, so make sure you have them.

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It will help you seal the deal to get a little naughty on the way home. Whether that means fooling around in the back of a cab, making out at a red light if you’re driving, or pulling her in for kisses as you walk back to your place, it’s all a good idea. It makes the idea of stopping the proceedings way less appealing for her, which means a much better chance of you getting laid.

Once inside you need to decide quickly where to bring the party. If you’re already hot and heavy you can go right to the bedroom for some casual sex. It’s possible that you still have a little work to do, which means you need to set the mood. If you have a roomy couch in a comfortable living area that’s a good choice. Make sure you have music ready to go, although don’t plan too far ahead since you don’t want her to feel like you were planning this whole thing. It needs to feel a little spontaneous since that’s part of the fun for her. Finally, make sure your condoms are in an easy to locate spot. Do not see if you can slip it inside her without protection. She might walk away if she’s annoyed and if she’s not then you’re likely to get an STD and that’s not at all worth it.

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