What To Do If you Finish To Quick

What To Do If you Finish To QuickAt some point in his life every man experiences premature ejaculation. For a tiny percentage of guys it’s a recurring problem, but for the most part finishing too fast in bed happens rarely and for myriad reasons. It’s almost always troubling since as men we’re trained to feel as though we’ve failed at sex if we finish too early. If your partner was close and you orgasm she will likely be disappointed since the casual sex wasn’t as satisfying as she wanted. There are many options at your disposal for how to deal with your premature ejaculation and you’ll need to decide on one instantly. Hopefully this article will assist you in that choice and help you avoid bad decisions.

The best option is to quickly apologize, tell her it happened because you were so turned on, and immediately move to give her an orgasm via your fingers or mouth. If she wants to use a vibrator while you assist in some way that works too. It’s important that you not dwell on the subject and that you make it clear that your concern is for her pleasure. At no point should you be show embarrassment and you most definitely should not say that it never happens to you. Even if it’s true she will assume you’re lying, at least in the moment. Later, after she’s had her orgasm and you’re basking in post-coital bliss you can explain further and tell her that it really doesn’t happen all that often and that you really were just insanely excited and aroused because she’s so hot, so good in bed, etc.

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That’s how you should handle a premature ejaculation the first time. If it happens again then you can simply move right into getting her off. Even if she’s disappointed, which she probably will be, a quick rush to giving her more sexual pleasure will overwhelm those feelings of disappointment and turn her thoughts to achieving orgasm. Once that most pleasurable muscle contraction passes through her body she’ll mostly have forgotten you were finishing too fast in bed.

That’s what you should do. Now let’s talk about what you should never do. As I mentioned, don’t tell her that it never happens to you even if it’s true. You’ll sound defensive, which will be annoying. Even worse is somehow blaming her and insinuating that she was doing something wrong. That will not only end the night of pleasure but it might end the relationship, because you’ll come off like an a-hole. Resist the urge to fall into a shame spiral, too. No woman, particularly a casual sex partner, wants to see a man be swallowed up by weakness. Remain strong and steadfast in your confidence as a lover and she’ll respond as you would desire. Laughing about premature ejaculation can be a good idea, but most guys will play it wrong because the shame can be overwhelming, and if you do you end up looking like a nervous idiot that’s so embarrassed about what happened he just wants to disappear into himself.

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