5 crazy Sex Toy Trends

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, some crazy new trend comes around the bend. From social stunts for charity to teenage stupidity, there is always something new to try. Some of which ends up hanging around for a while. Bell bottoms and big hair are two great examples. Trends come and go in every part of our lives, including our sex lives. Each year some new take on the vibrator comes on the market or a new fetish becomes known to the general public. 2018 has been the year of crazy sex toy trends and there is only more to come. Here are the top five crazy sex toy trends of the year.

Prostate Stimulator

Men are opening up about sexuality like never before. As a result, more and more sex toys are focused on the male experience. It isn’t all about the penis anymore. Stimulating the male prostate leads to more powerful orgasm. There are many nerve endings in the area, so stimulation of the prostate takes things to the next level. This crazy sex toy trend can be used for solo play or with a partner. Sex toy manufacturers are counting on this trend to take off. More than one million prostate stimulators were sold in the U.S. in 2017. Watch A Video Review Of A Popular Prostate Stimulator here.

Long-distance Toys

Long-distance relationships suffer with a lack of sex. Couples in this type of relationship are acutely committed to each other and get most of their kicks from phone sex and some hot facetime. The age of new technology has inspired the crazy sex toy trend of long-distance sex toys. There are several apps that allow one person to use the vibrator and the other person controls the speed and intensity of the vibration. Some apps can turn your phone itself into the vibrator. It can also be used when you are together.

Green Sex Toys

We are always searching for new ways to help repair the damage we have done to the planet and help sustain its health. Low emission vehicles and less aerosol use was a good start but as we become more aware of the potential dangers our world faces we develop more ways to recycle and live greener lives. Even in the bedroom. Many companies are offering organic, all-natural lubricants and oils. Some offer eco-friendly sex toys and apparatus. More and more of the top names in sex toys are coming out with their own line of green products.

Blow Job Devices

While you may think these types of devices have been around forever, you’d be surprised at the advances in technology. Male focused sex toys are a growing market. These hand-held devices work like a vibrator except you insert your penis. It mimics the feelings of oral sex. This is intended solely for male use but there are a lot of ways two people can have fun together with it. There are also more products coming out that stimulate the frenulum, the very sensitive strip of skin under the head of the penis. A part long overlooked by sex toys.

Sex Dolls

One crazy sex toy trend that has been around forever are sex dolls. Historically, they have existed as a dirty version of a pool toy. Today, however, sex dolls are more like sexy robots programmed only to please you. Some people have even fallen in love with their sex dolls, which might be the craziest sex toy of all time. They come in both male and female versions and look incredible realistic, including all their fun parts.

Crazy sex toy trends are going to keep surprising us year after year as technology and imagination grows. The more socially acceptable various sexually fetishes become and the more the general public begins to tolerate other’s feelings about sex, the more crazy sex toy trends we will see. They key is to keep your mind open and try anything that sounds exciting. Alone or with a trusted partner. It may sound crazy, but nothing is out of bounds as long as both partners are willing and interested. Try any crazy sex toy trend that trips your trigger and watch your sex life improve exponentially.