Why You Should Masturbate Every Morning

The act of masturbation has a lot more going for it than the obvious. Studies have shown various health benefits and it has proven to be good for the libido. While there are little to no disadvantages to masturbation, there are plenty of good things and even ways of making it better. Toys, lubes, lotions and atmosphere can all make masturbation better but there is also another surprising boost to your self-love. Time of day. That’s right. Morning masturbation could not only set you up for a great day but also boost your sex drive, confidence and mood.

Morning Masturbation is the Perfect Time

Think about it. Your already in the warmest, most comfy place in your whole house; your bed. Your half naked and when you first wake up you want to lay there for a few minutes anyway. It is the perfect time for masturbation. If you’re an old pro, you can get yourself off in less time than it takes for the coffee to perk. If it’s been a while, you should expect it to take longer at first but with a little practice, you’ll be ripping off orgasms within a few minutes each morning. It is hard to think of a better way to start the day than ripples of pure ecstasy coursing through your body. Morning masturbation makes the most of those last few moments in your warm,
comfy bed before the day starts.

Morning Masturbation is a Stress Flusher

Reaching orgasm during masturbation helps the body rid itself of the stress hormone cortisol. It leaves the body in a more relaxed, calm and balanced state. What a way to start the work day. Your coworkers will thank you. Your endorphin levels increase during morning masturbation giving you a feeling of relaxation and even tranquility.

Morning Masturbation is the Fountain of Youth

A study by David Weeks, author of Secrets of the Super Young, shows that orgasms can make you look 10 times younger if you have enough of them. Regular sex and a healthy appetite for it causes the release of human growth hormone which in turn boosts skins elasticity as well as a variety of other biological reactions. Morning masturbation can be the first step of your daily grooming routine, like a shot from the fountain of youth in your morning routine.

Morning Masturbation is a Giant Aspirin

A little morning masturbation can go a long way in relieving minor aches and pains. Do you often wake up with a headache? Have you noticed you feel a bit down in the dumps by mid-morning? Morning masturbation can head off those problems at the gate. During orgasm, a peptide known as Oxytocin is released into the body. Oxytocin is made up of nine amino acids that serve as painkillers in the body. One quick orgasm before you get out of bed can put a lid on all those little aches and pains you usually feel.

Detox Your Body with Morning Masturbation

A sort of detoxification of the body occurs with morning masturbation orgasm. Blood flow during orgasm is wide and sweeping provoking a general lymphatic massage. This settles the muscles in the digestive tract and stimulates the body’s natural detox process. This whole process encourages an overall pleasant nature throughout the remainder of the day.

Morning Masturbation Increases Focus

The act of morning masturbation is similar to meditation. You stop thinking with the ‘ego’ and live only in the moment. Small moments of freedom from that voice in your head allow you to focus on the inner you. Just a few moments of ego-free solitude increases your focus and effectiveness for the rest of the day.
Morning masturbation is a healthy and productive way to start the day. There are many benefits to it and zero disadvantages. While it may take you a while to get into the swing of things, if you’re not a regular morning masturbator already. Once it becomes part of your morning routine, you will find that the benefits are obvious. You’ll be wondering why you haven’t been doing this your whole life. Get ready to hit that snooze button one more time, but you won’t be dozing off.