Why Women Hate Giving Oral Sex

Despite what she may say, the woman in your life probably does not like giving you oral sex. A recent study showed that of 500 heterosexual women in their early 20’s, 60% have given oral sex in their most recent sexual relationships. Only 28% felt the experience was very enjoyable. A bit over half thought of it as only somewhat pleasurable with 17% saying they do not enjoy giving oral sex in any situation. Those are not very good odds. So what can you do to change that? The first step is to be aware and familiar with the reasons most women do not enjoy giving oral sex. Below you will find the top reasons given by most women who don’t enjoy it. Use this information to change things a bit to make it more pleasurable for her.

Women Hate Giving Oral Sex When They Feel it is an Obligation

Research shows us that women are usually more passive during sex than men. While this is more of a traditional line of thought, it is still present in modern relationships. Despite being an antiquated line of thought, women are still seen as the givers of sex. Men are thought to be the receivers. This is, of course, true during oral sex as well. When this is the prevailing frame of mind in a relationship, a woman can feel as if she has to give oral sex. She may feel it is expected of her as a good wife. If the reason a woman is giving oral sex is out of obligation, she isn’t going to enjoy it very much. It is important to make sure that you express your gratitude before, during and after oral sex and praise her efforts. Talking openly about her efforts makes things much more enjoyable for her.

Women Hate to Give Oral Sex Too Soon

For many women, oral sex is a very intimate thing. It is a product of specific feelings she has for you and it isn’t going to happen on the first date. It may not happen on the first few dates. Many women do not feel comfortable giving oral sex to someone they just met or do not have a long-term relationship with. Research has shown both sees are more likely to give oral sex within a serious relationship as opposed to a casual one. If you just met your girl or things are obviously to be kept casual, you probably shouldn’t expect oral sex. Read how oral sex can fight depression

Women Hate Giving Oral Sex if it Isn’t Reciprocated

Fifty-two percent of men admit to giving oral sex while fifty-nine percent of women admitted to it. That tells us women give more oral sex than men. Considering that many women cannot reach orgasm with vaginal penetration alone, we know a lot of women aren’t getting what they hope for during sex. Those women that report receiving oral sex are also more likely to enjoy giving it. So, obviously reciprocating her oral sex with a bit of your own is important. The one hitch in this plan is that some women do not enjoy receiving oral sex so it is important to find that out first.

Women Hate Giving Oral Sex if They Feel They Are Bad at it

Do you enjoy doing things you are terrible at? Do you enjoy doing things you don’t feel you are any good at at all? No, and neither does she. If you think your wife doesn’t like giving oral sex, it may just be that she doesn’t have any confidence in her abilities to do so. Just because you reach orgasm doesn’t mean that you have shown her how good she is at it. You really must talk to her about it before, during and after the act. Be vocal. Moan, groan and tell her she is a goddess. Let her know that she is doing something wonderful for you and you appreciate it. If you make her feel like a blow job queen she will enjoy doing it that much more. Click here: to learn how to give head like a pro

The bottom line to all of this is that you need an open, honest line of communication with your woman. Once you establish that, and you are both sharing how you feel, it is only a matter of making small concessions to make sure she feels good about oral sex. A small price to pay for a big reward.