Where To Find Casual Sex in New York

New York. Even the name brings forth images of big city excitement, wild nights and daytime adventure. Everyone is busy here. From school children to business executives, everyone is bustling about at all hours of the day. New York is well-known for everything from haute couture to club scenes and there is a place for every interest to get down and dirty with others of their ilk. It takes just a bit of cash and some time to hunt down the perfect venue for your tastes. Here we have listed some of the best places to find casual sex in New York.

Find Casual Sex In New York at the Beauty Bar

Many have heard of this unusual bar that used to be a salon. It is smartly decorated in old metal hairdryers and Aqua Net ads. It may be the only place in the city to get a manicure and a Martini while you dance the night away to punk rock. The full-on party atmosphere is present no matter what time of day you visit. It isn’t hard to find a casual sex partner in all this delirium. To join in on even more fun, check out the Beauty Bar on a night when a burlesque troop is performing. If you can’t drum up some erotic feelings after witnessing those bumps and grinds, you may need to see a doctor.

Find Casual Sex In New York at the Hotel Chantelle

This is one of the most atmospheric places in all of New York to get laid. Its 1940’s Parisian influences have you feeling majorly seductive when you walk in the door. They have a signature cocktail called the Devil’s Spring that the young, hip clientele order by the dozens. They also offer bottle service which leaves you feeling like a celebrity. Hotel Chantelle hosts an underground dance club that is always filled to the brim with sweaty, gyrating bodies on the prowl. The customers are mostly hipsters and young creatives with spare time on their hands but you’ll also find plenty of tourists and business executives looking for the authentic New York experience.

Find Casual Sex In New York at the Joshua Tree

This one is tricky. It’s a bar full of loud 80’s music and a happy hour that lasts from noon to eight. While this might just be your cup of Long Island Iced Tea, it isn’t for everyone. Joshua Tree has a large dance floor, complete with fog machine to blur the lines. This place is definitely an acquired taste, so don’t get all dolled up and expect a miracle until you have checked it out first. You’ll want to feel comfortable enough to get your mack out.

Find Casual Sex In New York at Kinfolk

Kinfolk will probably be your best bet if you’re a college aged young artist, writer or some other type of creative. It is a big hotspot in the area populated by the hippest of the hip. Even the bartenders are hotter than the average fare behind the bar. Models, musician, and more culminate here after dark. During the day, Kinfolk is a swanky bike shop/trendy café. At night, it transforms into a breeding ground of the young and inspired.

Find Casual Sex In New York at Miss Favela

If you’re into Brazilian music and atmosphere Miss Favela is the place for you. Stout cocktails and a pumping dance floor make it super easy to find a casual sex partner. They stay open until 4 a.m. and the dance floor is always packed up until the last call. It is very mainstream, despite its Brazilian flavor so you will find all types of people there. From tourists to partying locals, the bottom line is party till you puke here.

New York is absolutely chock full of places to find casual sex. Not just these alcohol laden night spots, but in any of the art galleries, cafes and boutiques all over the streets. There are millions of people in this city, it is hard not to find at least a few who are interested in spending a few seedy evenings in your company.