What Women Really Want From Casual Sex

What-Women-Really-Want-From-Casual-SexTry as we might, we’ll never really know what goes in a woman’s mind, especially while we’re flirting and trying to get them home and into our bed. When we go out, fellas, we tend to just focus on what we want out of the night. We want to find a hot girl, flirt and drink and flirt some more, and hopefully get her naked back at our place. Maybe, though, we would be more successful if we actually considered what she wanted out of the night as well. It’s not like these women just go along with it and hope they’ll have fun, they want to have casual sex as much as you do! Click Here to find out why women love casual sex too. Every woman is different and wants certain things out of a casual hookup, but for the most part, they fall around the same lines.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

No matter who you are, casual sex is all about fun. If she isn’t having a good time before the sex, you can guarantee she’s doubting whether she’ll have fun during sex. The dating world is supposed to be exciting and adventurous and fun. Not to say that relationships can’t also be fun, but she is not looking for routine in a casual one night stand. So be imaginative and keep her interested. Speaking of which, Fun can quickly be killed by any drama that arises. If a family member or ex-girlfriend calls, don’t answer it right now. If your car breaks down, you might be sunk. Sometimes we get a crappy roll of the dice and karma has our number.

Variety and new experiences

If she’s going to hop into bed with a stranger, she wants to have something more than your average everyday sex. She’s hoping for new moves from you or at least better than your run-of-the-mill missionary. She probably won’t expect you to be a contortionist with encyclopedic knowledge of internal female anatomy and obscure sexual positions from the Far East, but she will most likely at least expect to not feel like it’s your one year anniversary. After all, casual sex opens us up to new experiences inherently, so you need to make sure you give in to that and change things up. She may not want to date you, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be impressed.

Explore fantasies

When it comes to anonymous sex, women and men both get to enjoy the fact that they don’t plan on seeing this person again. This means that she can ask for exactly what she wants and try new things that she’s always wanted to try. (Common Fantasies women have) Since it’s just a fling, you can probably do the same too without feeling too self-conscious. Hell, it’s all just having fun, right? If she isn’t forward enough to tell you what she wants, try to coax her into divulging her desires. After all, now is the time! Just as long as you’re both okay with whatever fantasy either of you throw out there, the night will go well if you just keep an open mind and let her feel like she can ask for exactly what she wants.

Little responsibility

Now when I say “little,” I mean bare minimum. She can expect to need to make sure she doesn’t get and STD, pregnant, or abducted, and that she can get home when the fun is over. Beyond that, she wants casual sex to be a freeing and fun experience, to be an escape. If at any point you cause her to have to worry about you or take care of you, then you already lost her interest. So, don’t get so hammered that you’re throwing up, and avoid any problems that may complicate things, like transportation issues. Keep the night light and stupid.

The opposite of dating

Furthermore, she wants a very brief sexual relationship with zero of the responsibility of a real relationship right now. Real relationships are exhausting, whether you’re a man or woman, newly dating or married for thirty years. When you’re ready to be in a relationship, it’s all worth it. At the moment though, that’s not what she’s looking for if she’s trying to get you into bed for one night of casual sex. If you both feel sparks throughout the night and you can tell there’s something more going on than just a fling, ignore it for the night and address that the following day or week. The night of casual sex she wants, though, is outside of those thoughts. So check your ego and insecurities at the door, grab some wine, and make her feel like it’s okay for her to forget your name.