What Women Make the Best Casual Sex Partners

What-Women-Make-the-Best-Casual-Sex-PartnersYear after year, men all over the world decide they need a casual sex partner. For one reason or another, life leads you down a path in which a casual sex partner would work the best for you at that stage in your life. The hard part comes in deciding which woman would make the best casual sex partner for whatever stage of life you’re going through. Doing this takes a basic knowledge of women combined with being sure of what you need and want out of a sex partner. Once you have a firm control of those things, you can set about finding a casual sex partner.


Coworkers can be tricky sex partners. It is definitely exciting to get it on at work. Finding the right place to sneak away and be alone is fun. Knowing and planning the right moment that you can successfully pull off a workplace tryst adds a certain spice to your life that you can’t get in other places. You feel sexy, manly and desirable. The downside to having sex with a coworker is that you have to see her every day. At first this is a good aspect. When the new wears off and/or you break it off, you still have to look at this woman every day. There is also the issue of workplace rules and regulations. There may be a rule against dating coworkers which could result in you losing your job.


Convenience store clerks, grocery store clerks, clothing store clerks, they are make great potential casual sex partners. Working as a clerk requires a friendly and outgoing attitude. Personalities that enjoy socializing, being out and about, and experiencing their surroundings are perfect candidates for casual sex partners. They like people. Their job requires them to talk to many, many people each day. This personality type enjoys the casualness of this type of sexual relationship and even rings out the joy in them.


Cosmetologists and beauticians are wonderful people to engage in casual sex with. See why here They are always well-groomed and tidy. They are also people who enjoy socializing and learning about other people. They are fun loving and don’t mind trying new things. Their job requires they be creative and skilled and that can only add to a perfect personality. It doesn’t hurt that you will be able to be in the know when all the newest hairstyles and trends hit the streets.

Stay at Home Moms

These types of gals are often bored and lonely. They make great casual sex partners because they do not want to leave their current romantic relationship. They are simply trying to alleviate their boredom and find something to do with their time. They are also looking for a stand in to give them the affection and time their partners do not. Many marriages turn dull and lackluster. The passion wanes and both people end up feeling unwanted and unattractive. This situation should not lead to any assumption that she wants a divorce or is looking for a new relationship.


The best casual sex partners of all may be cougars. These women have it all together. They are confident, self-supportive, motivated and honest. They have been through many of life’s trials and came through with valuable lessons. They aren’t afraid of casual sex relationships because they are not afraid to go out and get whatever they want. Long ago, these women experienced the joy of letting go and becoming their authentic selves and never looked back. No one else’s approval is required.

College Girls

College girls have one thing on their minds and, unfortunately for the college guys, it isn’t them. These girls are intent on getting through school and onto their chosen profession. Goal oriented and motivated, they don’t slow down for much of anything. Even the most dedicated of college girls needs the occasional break from the daily grind, however, and they go at that with the same fervor. They love to party as hard as they study and with a life like that there is precious little time for relationships. College girls make great casual sex partners because they are more focused on where their life is going than getting into a long term relationship.

There are women who love casual sex and find it the best way to live their life in every community and in every style of life. There really is no specific type because you may run into someone literally anywhere. Living a casually sexy life is more a frame of mind than it is a type of person. Pay attention to the women already in your life, you may find you have the perfect casual sex partner already in your midst. All it takes is a little openmindedness.