What Sex Positions Do Women Love Most?

It is a common misconception that women do not think about sex as often as men do. The fact is, women think about sex as often or more than men do. Women enjoy sex just as much as any man. They fantasize and masturbate and do all the solo sex things that are usually acquainted with the male gender. The sexually stoic woman stigma comes from years of socially conditioning society that women are the weaker and more timid sex. For centuries, women behaved as they were told and only a few brave souls challenged the norms. Today, however, women are louder and prouder and not afraid to voice their opinions on sex or any other subject. This makes things a lot easier for men trying to find out what pleases them in bed and out.

Missionary Position – The Sex Position Women Love Most

Men do not give the missionary position enough kudos. Sure, it can be seen as a little vanilla, but if it’s true, that’s your fault. Women love the missionary position because they can feel your full body upon them, look into your face and kiss you. They love the powerful feeling they feel from you and revel in all your manliness. It is a highly sexualized feeling for women when you look directly into her eyes while having sex. There is no rule against spicing it up with a few variations. Throw her legs over your shoulders or slide just one across your chest like a love- bandolier. Take advantage of the easy entry and deep penetration from this angle.

Spooning is a Sex Position Women Love

Women love to be cuddled. They love to feel you close to them and the weight of your arms around them. Spooning allows you to fully envelope her in your arms and wrap your legs around her during sex. You can kiss her and whisper in her ear. Spooning allows her to feel the comfort of your warm body and that is very satisfying. The entry from behind while she is on her side is comfortable for her. It lets her relax and enjoy your hands on her and the deep penetration. It also keeps your hands free to caress her and also to guide her as you enter.

Doggy Style – A Sexual Position Women Can Enjoy

You may be surprised to see doggy style on this list of sexual positions women enjoy. Many men feel this is a position reserved for casual sex only and would not use it with their wife until they were fully comfortable. The truth is that women do enjoy this position as long as it is done with care. If you make her feel like an object, she isn’t going to like it at all and may pull away. Use your hands-free advantage to caress her everywhere and pull her into by her hips. Lean into her so your chest in on her back and whisper into her ear. Take the time to make doggy style something special and it will always be her favorite position.

Cow Girl Position is Always a Woman’s Favorite Sex Position

Laying on your back with a beautiful woman sitting astride you is always a man’s favorite thing to do. You have her full beauty in front of you. There is nothing you can’t see as she looks down upon you. She is in control. She makes the moves and judges the tempo and that is exactly what turns you both on so much. Women like it for all those reasons but also because it gives them a sense of power and seduction. The knowledge of how they can make you feel in that moment is intoxicating.

Women enjoy all sexual positions just as much as men. Don’t be afraid to try something new or a twist on an old move. It all depends on personal preferences and how individual people fit together and enjoy each other during sex. It isn’t so much about the individual positions as it is the entire experience. Learning the sexual positions she likes opens the door to a better sexual experience for both of you.