What Game of Thrones Has Taught Us About Casual Sex

Just about everyone watches the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. If not, they have seen a snippit and at least heard of it. Dragons, Kings and Queens, and a plethora of sex are all part of this amazing series. People are drawn to it for many reasons. Not the least of all, the many sex scenes. GOT has unusual sex scenes you won’t see in any other show or movie. Sex between brother and sister, sex with disabled people and sex with dwarfs are only a slice of what is in store for you. Game of Thrones has also taught us a lot about casual sex.

Game of Thrones has taught us that you don’t have to connect genitals to have sex

There is a man on the show name Grey Worm, he is a member of “the unsullied”, which are soldiers who have been castrated so they can fully concentrate on being soldiers. With no penis, it is useless to think about sex, right? Wrong. Gray Worm, the castrated soldier, finds himself in the employ of a would-be queen who reviles slavery and sets him free. He chooses to stay with her and slowly learns he really does have freedom in all areas of his life. He falls in love with the queen’s hand maid but does not expect to ever have sex with her. Neither do the viewers but in one fine episode it happens. Game of Thrones teaches us that casual sex is more than genitals connecting. It is any sexual act between two people. Many people think casual sex consists of the act only, but in truth, it is any sexual act that two friends can enjoy together.

Game of Thrones taught us that all people can enjoy casual sex

There is sort of a national taboo against normal size people having sex with a midget or a dwarf. You do not see many of this type of relationship in real life which goes to prove the taboo exists. Porn movies and strip shows give us out only glances at the sexuality that these smaller people have, despite what mainstream America thinks. Tyrian Lannister is not only a dwarf but a member of a powerful family and he loves to have sex. Not sex with other dwarves either, but sex with normal sized women of all shapes. Game of Thrones reminds us that your average Joe and Josephine are not the only people who have casual sex.

Game of Thrones has taught us that casual sex is and has always been completely normal

People have sex. Its natural. It is part of human existence. Without sex, there would be no more human race. As civilization modernized, religious leaders began to tell their followers that casual sex was a sin and that sex was meant for procreation only and therefore should only be shared between committed couples. In reality, people have been having casual sex since the dawn of humanity and its completely normal. Daenerys Targaryen, exiled princess of House Targaryen, travels to an uncivilized country and marries their king. Her wedding party consists of the towns citizens having mad, wild sex during the ceremony for all to see. When we see the wildlings in their home environment, casual sex is part of their life. They take pleasure in it and enjoy sharing it with each other, both inside and out of committed relationships.

Game of Thrones teaches us that casual sex is pretty dang hot

That’s right. Hot. Sexy. Exciting. Casual sex is all of that and more. It can boost your self-esteem and make you feel desirable. Whether it is secret or out in the open, a casual sex affair can be revitalizing in many areas of your life.

Game of Thrones is even more popular than you think, and it can be a learning tool for many of life’s problems. The story line speaks to people on many levels. Almost everyone can find a similarity to their own lives and that draws people into it. If we learn anything from Game of Thrones about casual sex, it is that it isn’t as taboo as we were once told as a society and can actually be good for you. Do yourself a favor and sit down to an episode or two. You won’t regret it.