Sexting Dos and Don’ts

Sexting Dos and Don'tsIf you’ve sexted before then you know of its mighty allure. A few dirty lines in a text message have the power to arouse in ways you’d never imagine. The same goes for a dirty picture, although this is almost always on the man’s side since few ladies are aroused by a picture of a guy’s junk. Sexting is fraught with danger in so many ways though, so it must be approached carefully.

As appealing as it might be to send a picture, you’re better off never doing so. First, your notion that a picture of your penis or your ripped abs or pecs is going to send a woman over the edge into a place of sexual craziness, and will lead to casual sex, is overblown. For the most part women are not as easily aroused by visual stimulation as men and some will be turned off, particularly by a penis pic (never, ever send a picture of your penis via text). Even if the girl is into it you risk future problems if you text pics of your body. What if the relationship goes sour and she decides to put them online and tag them with your name in hopes of destroying your chances at getting a new job, forming good relationships with future girlfriends, etc?

Sexting is different from flirty texts, a subject addressed in another article on this site. Instead of being flirty and filling your texts with innuendo and suggestion, sexting is about getting right down to it. You can go full on x-rated or you can keep it a little cleaner but when you’re sexting you’re being direct about the naughty things you want to do with your potential partner (or someone you’re already having sex with). A good rule of thumb is to sext only those things you would say in person. Just like the pictures, that text can end up online (remember Tiger Woods?) so if you go way over the top you could get in trouble. Plus, if you’re out of character when sexting it can be confusing for when you actually meet.

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Don’t sext someone out of the blue. Even if she gave you her number and you’ve flirted a little bit you should abstain from sexting until you know you’ve been given the green light. This often means waiting until after you’ve slept together or you’ve actually broached the subject either in person or via text. If she tells you she’s in the mood for a little naughty fun via text you can get into it but it’s always smart to start on the safer side and work your way up to the dirty stuff just to be safe. You don’t want to jump right off the cliff only to find out that she’s really not into whatever dirty details you’ve divulged. That could quickly derail any sexual momentum you had building with the lovely lady of your dreams. Sexting can be an important part of a casual sex relationship for its ability to keep things hot and naughty while you’re not together so don’t be afraid to try it. Just don’t make any stupid mistakes.

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