How Tinder Is Changing The Way We Find Casual Sex

How Tinder Is Changing The Way We Find Casual SexTinder is an app for Smartphones that helps people find dates in their area. The Internet and dating sites have definitely changed the way the world dates but Tinder has changed casual sex forever. In days of yore, the general dating public waited around to run into the person of their dreams. People just wandered through life with their eyes wide open in search of someone to get close to. You just had to hope it happened and if you were looking for a hookup and not lasting love, it was even harder to find. Thankfully, Tinder has changed all that.

Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

Its really all about the photos with Tinder. What a genius idea. What guy doesn’t love to look at photos of beautiful women? The whole industry of pornography is based on it and it’s a billion dollar industry! Tinder users choose the people they are interested based almost solely on their photos. Each time you log on, you peruse photos of women looking for guys in your area, often with similar friends and interests. A simple swipe left or right indicates your interest. If someone you like, thinks you’re hot too you get the chance to communicate. You can also look at the short bio she is allowed to provide as well as some interests but really, who cares? Just think of all those lovely photos waiting for your swipe.

Simplicity is the Key

Swipe. How much more simple can it get? That’s all it takes to indicate your interest in a woman on Tinder. The whole process is simple and that, my friends, is marketing genius. The Internet’s first dating sites and even the current popular dating sites make users answer billions of questions, provide a lengthy bio and list your most banal and tired hobbies that no one even cares about. Making any task simpler is always a good idea. Tinder makes it so simple to log in on the commute to work, waiting in line at the pharmacy, or sitting on the couch in your underwear and check out the local hotties.


People who have never used the Internet or apps for dating are used to the long, mundane rituals that have to take place before you get laid. Even online dating sites take a certain ‘beat-around-the-bush” approach that can take days or weeks or even months before you get a chance to take your clothes off. Tinder, on the other hand, is straight to the point. You are there for one reason and one reason only and everyone is playing the game. You see a picture and decide if you’re interested in sleeping with that person. Straight to the point. I like it.

All the Pros, None of the Cons

Tinder may be simple and not require the stringent set-up process that dating sites require but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the fun. Many people use Facebook to look for casual sex because of the chat feature. Online dating sites that incorporate a chat feature are always popular. Tinder also has a chat feature. It is rudimentary and as simple as the rest of the Tinder application but it does the trick. Once you have a mutual like swipe, your free to connect and chatting through the app is a great way to see if you like what she says as much as how she looks.

Keeping It Local

The default use of Tinder is to find people close to you. It uses your Facebook account as well as your Smartphones GPA system to locate your coordinates and send you possible matches in the same area. The trouble with dating online or getting hooked-up by a friend or even meeting someone at a local hotspot is you don’t always end up with someone geographically compatible. You might really be turned on by the chick your coworker set you up with, but what if she lives two towns over? No good. With Tinder, all the matches you see are right in your own stomping ground. There are ways around this default feature. You can also change your search coordinates to farther from your own area and you can also travel to different areas and use the app to find women there.

Tinder has most definitely changed the dating world once again. The new millennium and the onset of the World Wide Web changed dating forever and Tinder is taking it even farther. While Tinder has a lot of fun features and makes casual sex easier than ever before, do not go into it unprotected. Make sure you take the same precautions meeting women on Tinder as you would any online venue like Facebook and Craigslist. You never know who is on the other end of that phone.


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