Simple Hacks to End Your Sexual Dry Spell

Everyone goes through sexual dry spells. It happens. Sexual dry spells can occur even when you’re in a serious relationship. Sometimes, in long term relationships, work and family life take most of your time and your too tired or there is no opportunity for sex. Other times you fall out of rhythm with each other and sex falls from the forefront of your mind. In other instances, one half of the couple doesn’t feel attractive or wanted anymore or they feel they are always the one to initiate sex. Resentment builds and sex stops. Then there are the dry spells that happen because you can’t find anyone to have sex with. You’re a single guy going out on the town but no one is willing and those who are don’t fit your standards. Luckily, no matter why you’re having a sexual dry spell, there are ways to end it, and we are here to help. Read on for some simple hacks to end that sexual dry spell that has got you down.

End Your Sexual Dry Spell by Eating Foods the Boost Your Sex Drive and Increase Vitality

To truly get to the bottom of this dry spell, you have to start from the inside out. Begin by taking stock of the foods you are putting into your body. Are you eating foods that help you look and feel your best? Or are you filling yourself with chemicals and foods that dull your skin, slow you down and decrease your mood? Believe it or not, what you eat can have a big impact on how you feel sexually and how you look to women. Bananas are great for the male libido because they contain a bromelain enzyme that has been shown to reverse impotence and increase the libido.

End Your Sexual Dry Spell by Working Out and Getting Exercise

When you hear work out, you automatically think bulk muscle. Am I right? Don’t worry. That’s not the point. The simple act of exercising has been proven to boost confidence, improve mood, and increase energy. Cardiovascular exercises, in particular, work well for increasing libido. It also takes out your stress by reducing the cortisol levels in your body which directly affect your sex drive. It keeps you sharp too. So, you won’t miss any action.

End Your Sexual Dry Spell by Boning up on the Classics

Read a book. Seriously. A real book, not a condensed version in Hustler. Click here for the benefits of reading every day. The idea is to expand your horizons. Get a little smarter. Have a little more to talk about than the game last night. The more you have to talk about with a woman, the more she will like you. You need to know how to lead an interesting, informative conversation, but also to respond to her intelligently. If you are interesting, knowledgeable and not a complete jerk, you have a better than average chance already to end that sexual dry spell.

You Can’t End Your Sexual Dry Spell if You Don’t Go Anywhere

It takes a special kind of guy to get laid when he never leaves the house and that probably isn’t you. If all you want to do is stay at home and play video games, you probably aren’t going to be having a lot of sex. At least not with a woman. Join a bowling league or a book club. Sign up to volunteer at a charity event or civic event. Getting out and meeting new people is the key to getting laid and ending that sexual dry spell.

You Can’t End Your Sexual Dry Spell if Your Drink Too Much

One thing you definitely do not want to do is drink too much alcohol when you’re trying to get laid. It does help to take the edge off when you’re out hunting, trying to be charming and relaxed. But drinking too much can make you cocky, sloppy and a bore. Nobody thinks a slobbering drunk is sexy. It can also leave you with a whiskey dick at the worst possible moment.

These simple hacks are all you need to end your sexual dry spell. Spend a little time on yourself and rejuvenate. Usually all it takes is a bit of concerted effort and you will be back in the sack in no time.