5 signs Your Roommate Wants To Be Sex Buddies

5-signs-Your-Roommate-Wants-To-Be-Sex-BuddiesWhenever you tell someone that you’re moving into a place with a friend of the opposite sex,- Read tips for living with the opposite sex – you always seem to get one of two reactions: a high-five for having a possible sex buddy down the hall, or a stern warning about how one of you will want to have sex and the friendship will be ruined. Usually what happens, though, is that you both end up getting along just fine as long as you can tolerate the casual idiosyncrasies of the opposite gender. If you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending on your personal situation), the girl you’re living with may want to have more of a physical relationship than you intended. If you think you notice any of these 5 signs, start thinking about whether it’s what you want too.

1. She’s starting to flirt with you more

If you’ve ever lived with a girl you’re not dating, then you know that there’s often a small amount of flirty jokes and physical contact that is perfectly innocent in the context of two friends goofing around. If you suddenly notice a shift in this balance, however, she could be trying to get your attention. Maybe she’s making sex jokes and innuendo that seem too honest, or she’s started touching you more than usual. She might also attempt to involve you in more sensual situations, such as offering to give you a massage. An increase in the flirting doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to jump into bed with you. She could just need sex – Click Here To Learn The Signs You’re Not Having Enough Sex – and be using you as an innocent outlet until a guy she really wants walks by. Either way though, if you notice an increase in the flirtation, then be on the lookout for more signs.

2. There’s sexual tension when you’re in the same room

Sexual tension is a difficult feeling to describe, but everyone can feel it when erotic thoughts are flying around the room. If she wants to have a more physical relationship with you, the sexual tension will be palpable, even if it’s only going one way. If it seems like she’s trying to make too much eye contact or you can feel her wanting you, check to see if you’re throwing off the same vibes. If so, you have a decision to make: avoid it or follow through.

3. She’s constantly coming into your personal space

All roommates have some sort of boundaries and personal space, whether it’s their bedroom, their bathroom, or just the area immediately around them. No matter how close you are with your roommate, there are parts of the living space that she respects are yours and you respect are hers. If she wants to start sleeping with you, however, then she may purposely start treading the line on those boundaries or just crossing them altogether. Something we all do when we’re attracted to another person is try to dissolve personal boundaries in hopes that physical boundaries will be lifted too. If she’s suddenly coming into your bedroom or bathroom more often while you’re in there, or even just sitting closer than necessary to you on the couch, then she might be hoping you let her get physical inside that space too.

4. She starts dressing to catch your attention around the house

Whether it’s a roommate or a coworker or a friend, we all dress to impress when sex is on the mind. The comfort of one’s own house or apartment is the one time that any clothes can be worn and outfits don’t matter. This is an unspoken rule among roommates, regardless of gender: within reason, we can wear whatever in the comfort of our home. If you notice that she’s starting to dress nicer than usual just to chill on the couch and watch Law & Order re-runs with you, she might be trying to catch your attention in more carnal ways. Similarly, she may also dress in ways that are comfier but accentuate her body more, like suddenly walking around in her underwear half the time. If this is one of many signs, start thinking about whether you want her in bed too.

5. She’s actively trying to hang out with you more

If she really wants to hop into bed with you, you might notice her trying to spend time with you a lot more than usual (whatever usual is for you). If she’s not already part of your friend group, she might try to hang with you guys more. Or instead she might invite you out with her and her friends if you don’t already hang out with them. Either way, if she wants to sleep with you, you better believe she will be trying to spend more time with you in hopes of getting you on board. Now the only question left is, are you on board?