Signs Your Casual Relationship Is Not Healthy

Signs-Your-Casual-Relationship-Is-Not-HealthyCausal sexual relationships are quickly becoming the norm. It is already a prevalent movement among the younger generations. The dating ritual of the old days are long gone. Not many people go out on actual one-on-one dates anymore. Most dating these days begins electronically, on the internet. This, in itself, can be an unhealthy start to a relationship, but it is what society has evolved too. Starting this way can be unhealthy because people can lie online and you are never able to fully gauge the truth until you see them in person. Click here for signs someone is lying to you online. This is not to say that all relationships that begin online are doomed. Many turn out to be life-long commitments. There are signs your casual relationship is going in an unhealthy direction. Being aware of them can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Afraid to be Alone

A lot of people do not like being alone or they just prefer the company of others whenever they can. Some people can develop a genuine fear of being alone or not having a sexual relationship of any kind and cling to whoever is in their life at the moment. This is unhealthy. Everyone needs to be comfortable alone with themselves. Being so troubled as to hang onto any relationship at all is a sign of personality issues and can be dangerously unhealthy for both of you in the long run. If you or your casual sex partner are holding onto each other simply to keep from being alone, it’s time to reevaluate the usefulness of the relationship.

You Feel Like You Should Change

It started out as casual fun and you’ve both made sure that everything is on the table. Things progressed nicely but lately you have been getting the feeling that you just aren’t good enough. You just aren’t up to par in some way. A relationship, casual or otherwise and sexual or otherwise, that makes you feel like you are less than in any way is not healthy. Any relationship you enter into must give you a feeling of joy, contentment and a complimentary sense of respect. If you’re not feeling that the authentic person who is you is respected and appreciated, the relationship can only take you to dark places.

Your Family and Friends Are Idiots

One touchy subject with almost everyone is their friends and family. If you want to be friends with someone, one thing you don’t do is insult, chide or criticize the other person’s family and friends. Liking the friends of your friends is a great way to make them feel validated. It gives you a commonality to build on and improve the relationship. Even if it is casual. If your casual sex friend is insulting your best friend or your brother on a daily basis, or she always has remarks about your mom, sister or cousins, it’s an unhealthy relationship.

Your Family and Friends Don’t Like Her

If your friends with someone who is toxic to you, the first to notice it will be those closest to you. Your family and friends will see the stress and emotional distress your experiencing even if you don’t. If the people who are most important to you do not like the casual friendship you have with this woman, you should definitely rethink it. Try to see it from their side to genuinely gauge if the relationship is unhealthy. There are a lot of reasons family and friends may not like any given relationship you have. Make sure they are valid reasons before spending time and energy mulling them over.

Little to No Trust

Having a casual relationship is basically the simplest to have. You don’t have to get to involved. Your heart isn’t on the line. You’re not constantly on edge wondering if you have said or done the right things. Regardless of how casual it is, however, there has to be an element of trust. No matter what type of relationship you have, unless it is as enemies, you need to have some element of trust in that person. Hanging out and especially having sex with someone you don’t fully trust can lead to any number of dangerous and risky situations. It is definitely an unhealthy situation to be in a relationship with someone you cannot trust.
Never just assume that because your relationship is only casual that it cannot be unhealthy or dangerous to your emotional health. Any relationship can be toxic, adding sex into the mix actually makes any situation more volatile. Keep these signs in mind when in a casual relationship and don’t be afraid to act if you feel things are becoming unhealthy. Your own health and well-being are in your own hands. Do not allow anyone to take your power from you.