SMS (texting) Flirting Tips

SMS (texting) Flirting TipsIf you own a cell phone (and if you don’t it’s time to enter the modern age and buy one) then you own the most advanced flirting device known to man. Via text messages (or SMS) you can conduct the early stages of a relationship and establish yourself as a rakish, charming flirt that knows how to make a lady feel good and more importantly, how to get her interested in casual sex with you.

Most of the time you’ll exchange numbers with a girl before you meet in person. Sometimes there’s a phone conversation involved but more and more girls bypass that stage entirely and stick to text since they’re more comfortable with it. That might sound like a bad thing since it’s pretty hard to get to know someone without talking to them but the truth is, you’re not looking to get to know a girl if you’re interested in casual sex dating. You need to know enough to have a great time in bed with her, that’s all.

Here are some basic rules for flirtation via text:

– Keep your texts short; don’t write anything that spans over multiple messages.
– Despite the texting format, try to limit your use of texting abbreviations. Those have been proven to be a turn off because they make you sound immature and silly.

– It’s okay to be a little sexual but try to keep it strictly to innuendo. In other words, don’t come right out and say you want to have sex or go down on her. It’s all about the tease when you’re flirting. After you’ve had sex you can upgrade to straight up dirty talk.

– Ensure you compliment her but try and make it original. She knows she has great breasts or a nice butt. Try pointing out something else great about her or perhaps compliment how her breasts enhance the rest of her body in some way. A woman loves a genuine compliment but if it sounds like you’re forcing it or you do it too often she’ll feel like you’re just faking it because you want to get laid.

– If you can pull off humor in your texts then go for it. If you can’t and you’ll end up sounding like a teenage boy instead, stay far away from humor.

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A few examples of flirty texts:

A nighttime text:
Me: I bet you look great in your pajamas.
Her: How do you know I wear pajamas to bed?
Me: I’d love to find out 🙂

Morning text:
Me: Had a dream about you last night. You were beautiful as always.î
Her: A naughty dream?î
Me: A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

Work text
Me: Hope work isn’t too boring. Just wanted to let you know thinking of your smile makes my day a little shorter.
Her: You’re sweet.î

Sweet works too if for some reason you’re not great at the flirty innuendos. The point is to associate you with good feelings on her part. If she thinks of the amazing texts you’ve been sending when she thinks of you then chances are good you’ll be able to make that booty call when the time comes.

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