How The Popularity Of “Dad Bod” Has Made Finding Casual Sex Easier Than Ever

How-The-Popularity-Of-Dad-Bod-Has-Made-Finding-Casyak-Sex-Easier-Than-EverMen all over the world are being praised for what they already knew, the dad bod is sexy. It doesn’t come without its arguments, however. There are those that find it horribly sexist. People point out that women are valued only for their looks and the “mom bod” doesn’t get quite the accolades from the male sex that the “dad bod” does from women. The other side of the coin is that women are simply attracted to other things in a man before his body. This isn’t to say that a rock hard, muscled up guy isn’t attractive to just about every woman in the world, but it does say that she is just as likely to go for a dad bod kind of guy if she likes his personality. Sexist? Maybe but it’s also simple biology. Pics: See Guys Who Are Owning The Dad Bod Look

This whole concept has ticked off more than a few gym-loving muscle heads. Especially the types who are all muscle and no brain. You know the type. They wear the tightest clothes possible to every affair and flex at the most inopportune of moments. Every conversation seems to waft back to their workout, diet or core strength and they are full of tips for your not so toned spots. It is possible to understand their frustration. They have worked hard at their bodies and enjoy the attention it brings them, and now suddenly they aren’t the only game on the table anymore. Other guys, not so fit guys, are enjoying a little attention as well.

Women Have Always Been Attracted To The Mind

This is nothing new, really. Women have always been more attracted to a man’s mind and personality than their body but, they’re only human and will follow a pretty face just as easily as a man. What has happened in this little societal shift is that women have decided they’ve had enough of the pretty muscles, realize they usually don’t bring much to the table and are skipping the appetizers and going straight for the entrée. This opens up a whole new world of casual sex to the dad bod fellows who previously had a limited dating pool.

Just to be clear for the novices among us, a dad bod is a man who maybe once was toned and muscled but had let his fitness regime slide to the wayside in favor of life’s more pertinent issues. Once he becomes a dad, for instance, gym time is sparse. Big career moves and ailing parents can also put a major whammy on any workout time. It’s the guys like this, the ones who put their own personal vanity away to take care of real life, that women are becoming more and more blatantly attracted too.

Not All Dad Bods Are Created The Same

This isn’t to say that any fat slob in a concert t-shirt and flip-flops can score the hottest chick at the martini bar. No. If only it were that simple. The dad bod is also clean, attractive and well-dressed. He is a confident guy that knows what he brings to the table along with his few extra pounds. It isn’t a man with excessive pounds of flesh hanging off of him but just a few pudgy areas that have went to the wayside as life often forces upon us.

This new trend toward the “almost perfect” body is like a gift from heaven for the biggest part of the male population. No longer must they stand in front of the mirror and wonder how long they can keep their gut sucked in before they pass out. They aren’t ashamed in their swim trunks and they don’t care if you have a double chocolate banana split for desert. They are becoming more accepting of themselves and that alone is sexy to women. A man who isn’t perfect but still likes himself is easy to like.

Casual Sex & The Dad Bod – A Match Made In Heaven

Typically, when women look for casual sex they seek out men who appeal to them for the night. They look for men that they feel they wouldn’t be able to keep in the long run because they are just too handsome. Movie star handsome, built-up men always have a long line of women to choose from. The average dad bod guy comes off as a nice normal guy who won’t break your heart (see the list of guys who will always break your heart) and will respect you in the bedroom as well as out of it. This new realization has given the dad bod guys a new lease on life as far as casual sex goes because women are giving them a chance more so than ever before. They are being recognized for their maturity and achievements instead of their amount of self-absorption narcissism. That’s pretty amazing. Will this trend stick around? That’s hard to tell. The draw of the perfect male form will always be present for some women but it’s nice to know there’s room for the rest of us.


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