Best Places To Have A Quickie

Best Places To Have A QuickieWhat’s more fun than a quickie, particularly if it’s a public or semi-public area to add a little thrilling danger? Sex in public is one of the most arousing experiences you can have and it’s perfect for a casual dating relationship where all you’re really looking for is the most satisfying intercourse possible. To that end, here are a few locations where you can have a quickie with your casual sex buddy.

The movie theater seems a little cliche, but there’s a reason for that. It’s dark and the other people in the theater are busy looking at the screen so you stand a strong chance of having fun without getting caught. Oral and fingering are the ideal sexual experiences in the movie theater but if you want to get bold and have genuine sex in public you can pull her into your lap for a sitting reverse cowgirl ride. She’ll need to wear a skirt, of course. It’s fairly easy to do anything in a theater without getting caught, making it the ideal foray into public play.

A shopping trip with your casual sex girl is the ideal time to have some fun. Pick out something sexy for her to try on and step into the dressing room with her. She can model her naked body and her new outfit and then you can get it on. A dressing room blowjob is the easiest but if she’s flexible you can pull off a bit of penetration as well. The more noise you make the more likely you are to get caught, so keep it gentle. Some stores patrol their dressing rooms vigorously, typically the big chains. You might need to scout a little to find the best store for dressing room sex in public.

A bathroom at a restaurant, bar, or club is a great choice to find a quickie. After a drink or two you might be feeling amorous and in the mood for a quickie. You could grab a cab and head home or you could slip into the bathroom, lock the door behind you, and bang one out with great speed. It’s even more of a thrill if you can’t lock the door and simply have to go at it with the added risk that someone might walk in at any moment and hear you screwing in the stall.

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Your car is a perfect place for sex in public, mostly because you can choose your location. It can be difficult to have sex in the car but blowjobs and fingering are mighty simple and with a little effort you can go down on her with ease. If she likes to grind on your penis you can hop in the passenger’s seat and unzip for her to take a ride. You can be as bold as you want where sex in public in your car is concerned. Determine the level of risk you’re willing to undertake and have fun. Sex in public is a wonderfully arousing experience and should be enjoyed by all so don’t be afraid to branch out and have a little fun.

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