Easy Ways to Tell She Is Great at Sex

According to reams of research all over the place, men achieve the greatest satisfaction in bed from women who enjoy the experience. They have to know that she is having as much fun as he is in order to get the most out of the situation. It is important to us that the women we are with find us hot, sexy and worth the time they’ve bestowed upon us. This isn’t for any noble or upstanding reason, but solely because we want to drag every bit of gratification out of the experience as possible and we don’t want anything, including her, to ruin it for us. In an effort to make sure this happens we often find ourselves trying to figure out if she is great at sex before we even get to know her well. After all, what good is it if she turns out to hate sex or has some emotional aversion to intimacy? We all need an easy way to tell if she is great at sex to save us both some time.

The Way She Looks at You Can Tell You She Is Great In Bed

If you’re out for a night of casual sex and you’d like to get a little heads-up to her sexual state of mind, consider the way she is looking at you. Even before you ever have a conversation, is she looking at you? Have you locked eyes from across the room? Has she caught your gaze and kept it for a few seconds? If you are already in conversation, has she locked eyes with you or has her gaze wandered through the room? Does her gaze tell you she is interested in what you are or does she seem to be waiting for something else to happen? Use the way she is looking at you to gauge her intensity in the bedroom.

If She Makes Bold Moves It Can Tell You She Is Great In Bed

Does she touch your arm or hand when you talk? Is she laughing and nudging your leg with hers or playfully elbowing you? If she doesn’t mind making a move like that she is already hoping that you’ll take the hint. If she didn’t want to touch you, she definitely would not do so. Return her advances with some of your own. Touch her hand, the small of her back, or her elbow and see how she reacts. It won’t take long to be able to gauge if she is into casual sex.

If She Exudes Confidence She is Going to be Good at Sex

Women who are good at casual sex will exude a special sort of confidence. Not just confident in themselves, but confident that she can please a man. You can see it in her walk and in her smile. All her movements, whether she is walking to the bar or sipping her wineglass, will be smooth and liquid. She isn’t worried about the run in her stocking. A little rain doesn’t bother her. No matter what happens, she knows she will be fine and look fabulous as well.

If She is a Good Kisser, she is Probably Great in Bed

If you have been conversing with her for some time and really start to warm up to her, you may feel ready to move on to more important steps. Try kissing her. If she responds passionately and with wild abandon, rest assured she will be similar in bed. The same doesn’t necessarily go for tentative, cautious kissers though. A soft, shy kiss can still be passionate, if a bit timid. Great Article: Learn how to be a good kisser.

There are a lot of nonverbal, intuitive ways to tell if a woman is good at sex before you get her in the bed. A lot has to do with the way she carries herself and the attitude about life that she has adopted. You’ll have no trouble spotting a woman who is good at se if she wants you to notice her. If you find yourself luck enough to get the attention of such a woman, take full of advantage of all the opportunities she will give you. The best way to find out if she is good in bed is to trust your instincts. Trust your gut to lead you in the right direction, whether its into her bed or into a taxi.