How much is too much casual sex?

We’ve all heard the age old saying too much of a good thing, but does it apply to casual sex? Can you ever have too much casual sex? How could having a lot of sex hurt anyone, as long as both parties are up for it? Many studies have proven how beneficial having sex can be to both men and women. It relieves stress. It improves mood. It decreases anxiety and lowers the levels of stress hormones in the brain. Sex is a natural and normal part of human existence. It is necessary for survival of the race. There is some research that suggests it is possible to have too much casual sex.

Too much sex is a real thing and it causes serious damage in peoples lives. Hypersexuality and sexual addictions cause a variety of devastating problems throughout the span of a life time. Some researchers doubt the validity of the disorder but the effects, caused by whatever reasons, are plain to see. It is difficult to tell how much casual sex is too much because a lot depends on a person’s state of mind and the individual intricacies of their lives. However, there are several red flags that give away an impending problem. Recognizing these red flags can give you enough time to curb any dangerous behavior that can lead to problems later.

Are You Losing Control?

One sure sign that you are having too much casual sex is if you are losing control of your sexual actions and engaging in particularly risky behavior. Are you watching porn at work? Are you picking up hookers? Have you noticed that you are doing things that you have never done before and would normally not do but somehow you can’t stop? You have lost control over your sexual behavior. That is one sign that you are having to much casual sex. Just as in alcoholism or drug addiction, related behaviors become more and more risky as the addiction deepens.

Are You Becoming Obsessed?

Another sure sign you are having too much casual sex is noticing an obsession with it. Has causal sex taken up most of your thoughts lately? Maybe even all your thoughts? Are you so preoccupied with sex that it has invaded other parts of your life? Do you place it in front of your work, family or responsibilities? Are you hunting down sexual escapades instead of cleaning house, getting food on the table or paying bills. Placing sex or the search for sexual activity above your daily activities and life circumstances is a red flag that you are having too much casual sex. —> Signs You Have A Sex Addiction

When Negative Consequences Do Not Mean Anything, You are Having too Much Causal Sex

When you are having too much casual sex, negative consequences tend to build up in your life. It usually starts out small. You may miss a few dates with friends. You may miss a scheduled appointment. You may begin to miss important deadlines at work or in your personal commitments. Slowly you see that your commitment is higher to casual sex than to anything else in your life and it is causing you problems in your life. Once you make that realization, and still do nothing about it, you are heading toward a serious addiction to sex. You are not only having too much casual sex, but you are letting it take over your life.

Is Porn More Than an Occasional Thing?

A lot of couples use porn to add a little fling to their sex life occasionally. Singles use it to give masturbation a boost. Pornography is meant to be a fun little addition to your sex life and not the whole focus. If you notice you are watching porn every day, several times a day, that is an issue. Here are the symptoms of porn addition to look out for. If you sneak to watch it, hide it or find yourself spending exorbitant amounts of energy on it, you have a problem that will eventually grow even bigger.

These are just a few of the red flags that can tell you if you are having more casual sex than you should be. You are the only person who can really tell if your having too much casual sex. Like any addiction, it can take professional help to get completely free from its grasp.