How Common Is It To Have A Sex Buddy?

The concept of a sex buddy or a “friends with benefits” situation is not a new one. It gets a new label every so often but the concept has remained the same for decades. Wars would come and wives still needed attention despite the love they felt for their husbands. Traveling salesmen jobs left both spouses lonely most of the time. People go to jail or school or any number of life’s circumstances and keep spouses apart creating a need for companionship without the need for a romantic relationship. Sex buddy relationships have always been around and always will. Read The Rules Of Having A Sex Buddy

Sex Buddies Can Develop From Many Different Relationships

A sex buddy relationship can occur within a variety of different types of relationships. Married, committed or single. Gay, straight or bisexual. Male, female or transgender. The only prerequisite is that there is a need for no-strings-attached companionship of a sexual nature. Two people who engage in sexual activity without the confines of a committed relationship are ex buddies regardless of the type of sex they are having. It fulfills the need for sexual excitement but adds no addition requirements of the people involved.

Both men and women engage in sex buddy relationships at an equal rate. Many people believe that women do not have casual sex as often as men but that is not the case. Woman have just as many sex buddy relationships as men and may be better at it. Women usually have a clear picture of the type of man they will commit to. If you do not fit those criteria, she has no problem using you for sex and nothing else. Most stereotypical behavior of women will not fit into the sex buddy dynamic and it surprises a lot of men.

You Can Find A Sex Buddy Almost Anywhere

Sex buddy relationships can occur under a variety of circumstances. You could find a great sex buddy at work, church, AA, through a friend or relative or in a bar or social event. It could literally happen anywhere. Many women are not in a place in their lives where they want or need a man in it. Women are more independent than ever before in history. Sometimes a man just doesn’t fit in her life plan at the moment. She may be trying for a promotion or beginning a big project and just need a little male attention, not a life commitment.

Sex buddy relationships are great for in-between relationships. So often, when a relationship is over the pain lingers for a while. You feel gun shy about relationships and don’t feel ready to date. A sex buddy is the perfect solution in this situation. You get a cool person to hang out with. Throw back a few cocktails and catch a horror flick on Netflix before snuggling up and enjoying each other. No commitment. No string attached. No one gets their feelings hurt. No one gets angry or slighted. It is just easy, convenient and a heck of a lot of fun.

A Sex Buddy Can Spice Up Your Life

One convenience of sex buddy relationships that many people overlook is the ability they have to liven up a marriages sex life. Sex with the same person for many years can get stale. A little casual fling with the girl at the 7-11 can help increase your libido and liven up sex with the wife. It also does a lot for your ego, which also helps in the bedroom with your wife. You might learn a few new moves. If so, your wife will appreciate it and notice. So, have a story ready about where you picked it up at. Reading Playboy always works.

Having a sex buddy is a very common thing. It may have a slight increase in the younger crowds but not by much. Sex buddy relationships can be beneficial to both partners and those in their lives as long as romantic emotions do not become a part of the equation. It is good to care for each other and even be best friends, but when romantic feelings of love start to crop up it is sure sign trouble is ahead. The whole concept behind sex buddy relationships is more “buddy” than “sex”, although they are equally important.