How Sexting Can Spice Things Up with Your Sex Buddy

Everyone sexts. From your old neighbor lady to the dude that delivers your Friday night pizza. People in long term relationships sex each other. People in casual sex relationships sext each other. People who have never met in real life sext each other. It is a part of everyday life. It is so popular for many reasons. It makes you feel good. It boosts your ego and self-confidence. It’s fun and easy too. The best reason of all to sext anyone is probably the most well-hidden; it can really spice up a sex buddy relationship. Some people mistakenly believe you should already have a pretty spicy sex life in order to properly sext but that just isn’t true. Even the dullest of dull sex lives can be spiced up with a little sexting. Here are just a few ways sexting can spice things up with your sex buddy.

Sexting Is Foreplay and That Makes Sex Spicer

Everyone knows sex is great when the foreplay is right, and sexting makes for great foreplay! Sexting is the perfect way to turn her on before you ever get near her. It doesn’t really have to be dirty words to be considered sexting. A few well-placed hints and some suggestive remarks can be all it takes to heat things up well before date night. Foreplay is the key, men. Don’t forget that.

Seeing is Believing and That Spices up Everything

It is an established fact that men are more visual. They are turned on visually while women are turned on mentally and emotionally. A sext messaging session kills two birds with one stone. Sending nudes is a huge turn on for men. The fact that a woman wants them to see them in all their glory is intoxicating. The words and thoughts we send to women are just as intoxicating as that tit shot is to us. It stimulates their mind which is sexually exciting for most women.

Sexting is a Little Taboo and That Always Spices up Things with a Sex Buddy

Doing something risqué, taboo or a little naughty is always a turn on. Sexting is an activity you keep on the down low. You may show it to your BFF but more often than not, its kept between you and your sex buddy. Doing something naughty that may be discovered by a third party ups the ante on your sex life. Once you finally get together, everything is just a notch hotter.

Sexting Shows You are Interested and Women Love That

Women love attention and sexting her is a way to show your interest. Some guys are better at it than others. So, you may have to brush up on your wordsmithing but once you get the hang of it she will be eating out of your hand. One important tip is not to start with the hard stuff. Begin with subtle hints and suggestive phrases and let her raise the bar as you go. This helps to build sexual attention while you are lavishing her with attention. You can’t go wrong with this technique.

Sexting Spices up Things with Your Sex Buddy Because it Boosts her Self-Esteem

Studies and research on sexting shows that it boosts your ego and self-esteem. Not only receiving sext messages but sending them as well. Having someone tell you all the things they want to do to you and all the things they enjoy about you can really be a big lift to your self-image. She feels sexier and will therefore be sexier.

Sexting was once thought to be something only people having an affair did or something reserved for horney teenagers. Not anymore. Sexting is more popular than you think. The benefits to long distance relationships, burnt out marriages and the average Joe are now well known. Everyone is taking advantage of it. Why shouldn’t you and your sex buddy? Many people have reservations about sexting before they have done it. Fortunately, the first time you do it, all those reservations go out the window and you improve with each sext message you send. Each woman is different, as well, so there is a new opportunity each time. You’ll learn what works well and what doesn’t and before you know it, you’ll be an old pro.