5 Reasons Having A Sex Buddy Is Better Than An Actual Relationship

A sex buddy relationship is something a lot of people, both male and female, wish for. Having a sex buddy means you have a friend you enjoy spending time with but you also engage in sexual activity together without the constraints of a traditional romantic relationship. People seek out this type of relationship because of its many benefits. In many ways, it is better than a traditional romantic relationship. Here are the top five reasons having a sex buddy is better than having a regular relationship.

#5) A Sex Buddy is Low Drama

Having a se buddy takes a lot of the drama out of sex. When you have a girlfriend or a wife, there is always a little bit of drama attached to the sex. Even if it doesn’t occur at the same time, you can be sure there will be drama later. In a traditional relationship, arguments occur. While it is perfectly normal, it isn’t always preferable. There are times in everyone’s life when a romantic relationship is not prudent for any number of reasons. Not being able to deal with excess drama is often a reason to opt for a sex buddy. READ The Rules Of Casual Sex.

#4) A Sex Buddy is More Fun

When you do not have to answer to anyone, a whole world of fun opens up. You do not have to worry if the place you are or the people you are with will offend your partner. There are no worries about getting home to someone or fulfilling obligations to another person. This is a perfect time to entertain a sex buddy relationship. You are given the benefits of a close friendship with the added advantage of sex and physical closeness. All the friend activities you do together are taken to a new level. You can go out, have a great time, and then come back to your place to enjoy each other privately without any strings attached.

#3) A Sex Buddy Relationship is Easy

It just cannot get much easier than hanging out and having a good time. That’s basically all a sex buddy relationship is. You have another friend, but it is one you also have sex with. Women who are open to this type of relationship are after the same thing you are. They want the benefits of a romantic relationship without the drama, jealousy and requirements of everything else. Sex buddy relationships are probably the easiest of all types of sexual relationships.

#2) A Sex Buddy Relationship is Empowering

Knowing that you are so attractive to a woman that she will engage in a sexual relationship without the constraints of a traditional relationship is very empowering. She is interested in your friendship more than needing to tie you down and that is a big boost to the old ego. It feels good to be able to just enjoy the company of a beautiful woman who is interested in you physically without having to worry about her ulterior motives. You feel strong, smart and powerful in your own skin.

#1) A Sex Buddy Relationship Imparts Independence

Some people feel they have to be in a relationship to be happy. They claim they don’t like to be alone or just feel happier when they are in a relationship. Most likely, these folks have never tried a sex buddy relationship. Imagine having a friend who you enjoy hanging out with. You have the same sense of humor. You enjoy doing the same things together and always have fun. Now imagine you can have sex with that friend and it makes the friendship that much better. Having a friendship with no limitations and no restrictions is incredibly liberating. You receive a freedom and independence no other type of relationship can give you.

Although these are the top five reasons to have a sex buddy relationship, there are so many more. Most of which will be personal to you. Each person’s circumstances and needs are different and each person gets something different from this type of relationship. With something this deeply personal, it is hard to estimate the level of benefit to your life. The one sure thing is it is a learning experience you will never forget.