5 Things That Are Blowing Your Chances At Finding Casual Sex

Casual sex has become the norm. The hookup culture is all the rage and it is now trendy to have the occasion (or frequent) one-night stand. This wasn’t always the case. For centuries, people who engaged in casual sex hid it from everyone. Women, especially, did not let it be known if they had casual sex with a person they weren’t in a committed relationship with. Doing so would mean public shaming and ostracization. Fortunately, as years passed, society began to loosen up on its views about casual sex and it is no longer the social suicide it once was. That doesn’t mean it is easy to come by, however. You still have to have your game right to get any action. If you are having trouble finding a casual sex partner, you are probably doing one or more of these five things wrong.

1) You Still Have to Clean Up

Just because you aren’t interested in a serious relationship doesn’t mean you can let yourself go. A woman takes a few things into consideration before she sleeps with a man. Whether it is for sport or for a relationship makes no difference. One of those things is how clean you are. No one wants to have even casual sex with a guy who smells like an armpit. Before your feet hit the street, you have to take a bath. Put a little time into grooming and clean under your nails and put on some deodorant.

2) Too Eager is Not Attractive

While it is necessary to show your interest, being too eager is a huge turn off to most women. Even the most desperate of women like a man who can control himself. Play the game. Don’t let the game play you. Don’t be at her beck and call. Give her some space to enjoy your witty repartee and smoldering good looks. Take a step back and do your own thing. Its more enticing to play a little hard to get.

3) You Have the Same Wardrobe You Had in High School – Literally

If you are still wearing the same concert t-shirts and Levi’s you had in high school and the only new addition to your wardrobe is a pair of crocks, you are not going to be having any casual sex anytime soon. Your wardrobe has to at least be from this decade. Go ahead and spend a few dollars out of each paycheck to buy a few pairs of more fashionable jeans and a couple nice cotton blend shirts. Make sure your shoes are not beat all to hell. You would be surprised by how many women will judge you by the shoes you have on. It’s a girl thing.

4) Pick-Up Lines are Out

Women do not respond to pick up lines anymore. Sashaying up to the hottie at the bar and laying a tired old pick up line on her like “Are your legs tired because you been running through my mind all day,” will net you a hearty guffaw right in the face and then a lovely view of the back of her head. The name of the game is authenticity. If you are serious about building a real casual sex relationship with this girl, you have to be genuine in your approach. CLICK HERE – 17 Best Tinder Pickup Lines

5) You Cant be a Dick

Not having a traditional, romantic relationship is not carte blanche to treat her any way you want. In fact, you have to be just as kind, if not more so, than in a regular relationship to get casual sex. A woman who is interested in a casual sex relationship is not interested in getting talked down to, belittled, embarrassed or annoyed. She can get that from any man she’s dating. For a casual sex relationship to happen and be successful, you have to be friends. Real friends.

Finding casual sex is not easy, but it isn’t hard once you know what you’re doing. In fact, the more you know, the more successful you are. With enough research and determination, you’ll find that you have more than enough casual sex buddies you could ever need and more waiting in the rafters.