2018’s 5 Best Casual Sex Apps

Each year there are more and better casual sex apps than the year before. As we learn new things in technology, they become integrated into the everyday life we lead and casual sex apps we use. Not only technology effects the casual sex apps we use however. There are several other factors that help make these apps what they are and guides the changes that make them better. Things like, pop culture trends, new laws, political change and public policies can affect how casual sex apps are used and change over the years. What seemed to have started with Tinder, has evolved into a whole harbinger of casual se apps that change slightly every year. The year 2018 promises to show some exciting things in the world of casual sex apps. Let’s take a look at the five best casual sex apps in store for 2018.

Casual Sex App – Tonight

If you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn you are in luck. A new casual sex app has been invented that cuts right to the chase, but it is only available in those two New York cities. It was developed by an OKCupid employee and intended to get people off their Smartphones and into the real dating world as soon as possible. You see pics of others on the site who are available tonight and you click the button that hooks you up by 6 p.m. and your in for a treat. —> Download Here

Casual Sex App – Wild

If you are really into a no-strings-attached experience, check out the casual sex app Wild. This casual sex app is free, and you can browse without having to identify yourself. Photos are verified, so you do not have to worry about getting catfished. The search feature has several cool filters that let you find someone you really like easily. —> Download Here

Casual Sex App – Once

The casual sex app Once is a bit different for the 2018 crowd of daters. It is relatable to the people who are tired of swiping. The whole swipe technology made popular by Tinder is losing its appeal and people want something new. Enter the casual sex app Once. The matchmakers onsite choose several people they think you would hit it off with. A really cool feature here is that you can sync your Fitbit to reveal when and for who your heartrate goes up. It’s a pretty cool little tweak to see a picture of a hottie and then be immediately clued into how fast your heart rate picked up. —> Download Here

Casual Sex App – CasualX

There are some people who think that all dating apps just allow too many marriage-minded people onboard. A whole niche of people would prefer if there were casual sex apps that were just as they are named – apps for casual sex. CasualX is a Tinder-like dating app that has removed all the people who are looking for serious relationships. No one you hook up with from this casual sex app will be expecting a call the next day or even to know your phone number. This is the app to use if you truly just want a one-night-stand. —> Download Here

Casual Sex App – Mingle2

Mingle2 is your average casual sex app with a few tweaks. Nothing special but it will do if you can’t find anything on any other casual sex app. You don’t swipe, but nudge your interests by clicking their heart. Despite its basic functionalities, they charge $14.99 for a monthly subscription wit out much more offered than you can find free on any other casual sex app. There is a basic search feature with minimal filters. The subscription price gets you private browsing and read receipts. —> Download Here

Casual sex apps are everywhere with more developing every day. There is always a new technological advancement that some young developer will find a way to apply to casual sex apps and set the world on its ear yet again. Sometimes they aren’t exactly what they appear to be. Often there will be more of a relationship angle, or a hefty price, or the anonymity is not what you want. They key is to try more than one casual sex app and compare the features to find the one that comes closest to giving you what you want. Keep your eyes peeled for the next new casual sex app craze of 2018. You may find the one that keeps you hooking up all year long.